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How Forward-Facing Sonar is Changing Fishing

If you check out a bass tournament right now, you’re almost certain to hear people talk about forward-facing sonar, also known as live sonar. It’s the latest technology driving innovation in fishing.

You’ll also recognize when an angler is using it when you see them staring down – sometimes for hours – at the depth finder on the front of the boat. And then you’ll hear comments like, “I watched the fish eat my bait! That was so cool!” The other line you’ll hear a lot is, “I see fish swimming all over the place, but I can’t make them bite.”

That’s because forward-facing sonar is truly “live” and shows fish interacting with lures in real time. The technology is such a powerful tool that it’s now one of the main factors serious anglers consider when preparing and practicing for a day on the water. In just about every major freshwater tournament – especially for bass and crappie – people ask, “Will this be a tournament where forward-facing sonar wins?”

To learn more about how it’s impacting competitive and recreational fishing, we reached out to some of the professional bass anglers on the Mercury Pro Team. Their experiences and insights will help you understand how forward-facing live sonar technology is impacting today’s advanced fishing tactics.

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