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How Graph Suites Are Being Used By Today’s Anglers

Today is the golden age of bass fishing. With all the technology that has been developed between rods, reels, lines, and lures, we are blessed to have the best gear that has ever been available to anglers. Fishing electronics are no exception in this drastic increase in available technology.

It wasn’t too many years ago that graphs replaced flashers, and GPS units were nonexistent. Anglers used Loran-C, a triangulation method by radio wave, and it was nowhere near as accurate as today’s GPS systems. Not to mention, that accurate lake mapping was a faraway dream. With today’s incredible mapping systems, precise GPS locators, Chirp sonar, side imaging, 360-degree imaging, and forward-facing sonar, electronics help refine anglers’ abilities to consistently find fish like never before.

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It’s incredible to look at the electronics suites on some angler’s bass boats. There can be as many as three to four graphs at the console and on the bow. The trick is how to mount all these electronics.

Enter Trophy Graph Systems. Initially developed to help a friend figure out how to securely mount more than one graph on the front of his bass boat, Trophy Graph Systems has grown their product line to be a one-stop shop for anglers mounting and rigging electronics on their boats, both at the helm and also the bow.

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It’s quite common today to see at least two graphs at the console on bass boats, and Trophy Graph Systems offers the Panoramic Gimbal Plate for just this solution. The Panoramic Gimbal Plate offers a 15-degree sweep towards the angler, making the screens easy to read. Its one-piece construction uses 1 ⁄ 4-inch aluminum and is UV powder coated for longevity. It’s also a perfect solution for boaters trying to get more than one graph mounted on boats that don’t have enough real estate at the helm to easily fit two screens, especially the larger 12-14-16-inch or larger units offered.

Bow mounting more than one graph is also becoming increasingly popular. Many anglers use a combination of traditional 2-D sonar, mapping, side-scan, 360-degree scan, forward-facing sonar, or any combination of these electronic offerings. Despite whichever combination you choose, Trophy Graph Systems has you covered here, too!

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Trophy Graph Systems offers mounts for the bow of a bass boat that will run anything from a single graph to three or more systems. They have a Single and Dual Bridge Mount that will run either one or two graphs and a Dual Tall and Low Mount that can also run two mounts, but on the dual mounts, they are separated vertically for stack mounting instead of mounting side by side. These mounts have clearance to run trolling motor foot controls underneath them.

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The Universal Gimbal Mount can also be added to any of these mount systems to run two graphs side by side. This allows anglers to mount their electronics in almost any configuration they desire.

When considering adding or changing how to use an electronics suite, anglers look for Trophy Graph Systems mounts. They’re incredibly robust, made in the US, and can work for any graph mounting solution you can imagine.

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