How Jason Christie Won Chickamauga

No surprise here. A War Eagle Jiu-Jigsu jig matched with a YUM Craw Chunk was one of the key lures Jason Christie used to win the April 7-10 Elite Series event on Lake Chickamauga.

That’s the same jig and trailer that was one of the two primary lures he used to win the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell last month. It’s also the same jig Christie put near the top of his Top 10 Late Spring Bass Bait Picks AND Top 10 Early Spring Bass Bait Picks prior to that.

At Chickamauga, Christie also used a 1/2-ounce single Colorado BOOYAH Covert Series Spinnerbait in Blue/White/Chartreuse with a YUM Swim’n Dinger as a trailer, and a bladed jig. Christie designed the Covert Series, hand picking components and every size, blade configuration and color combination in the series based on a lifetime of customizing and fishing spinnerbaits and the collective knowledge of Christie, his father and his uncles.

Jiu-Jigsu Jig

pradco Jiu Jigsu Jig

The Jiu-Jigsu, introduced by War Eagle a couple of years ago, is a premium 5/8-ounce flipping jig that is designed to get into tight spots and to haul big bass out and Christie’s go-to jig for fishing cover.

The Jiu-Jigsu features a modified Arkie-style head, a recessed line tie to help it get through cover, a Hole-In-One Skirt in exclusive colors, a super stout 4/O Owner Zo-Wire Hook, a weed guard with just enough flex to allow for good hook sets, and a dual-wire keeper to hold trailers firmly in place.

“We left nothing untouched on this jig,” said War Eagle product director Chad Warner, who worked closely with War Eagle’s original owner and with elite pro staffers to make certain the Jiu-Jigsu was built to their specifications.

Covert Series Spinnerbait

Pradco covert spinnerbait

If Jason Christie has a spinnerbait tied on, it is a Covert Series Spinnerbait. It matches everything he would do to customize spinnerbaits in the past. From within the series, Christie chooses colors, sizes and blade configurations primarily based on water temperature and water color. The 1/2-ounce Single Colorado Covert Spinnerbait was atop Christie’s Top 10 Late Spring Lures list.

A key feature of the Covert Series is a modified BOOYAH spinnerbait head that has a raked-out gill to offset blade torque and keep the bait running true. It also features top-end Hildebrandt blades and two-tiered premium skirts with color combinations that were hand-picked by Christie.

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