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How to Catch Early-Summer Smallmouth Bass

When Frank Scalish competed on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour, he was known for his ability to catch smallmouth bass. He did especially well with this species on the Great Lakes and on large, inland, natural lakes, such as Lake Champlain. A lifetime resident of northern Ohio, Scalish has never lived more than a short cast from Lake Erie, one of the nation’s premier smallmouth fisheries.

He has fished Erie regularly throughout his adult life and has the equivalent of a PhD in finding and catching Erie smallmouth. He is especially erudite about how glaciers created the rocky bass habitat on the lake’s bottom. This knowledge has helped him catch big-water smallies wherever he casts for them in North America.

Scalish has sacked heavy limits of smallmouth from the famous Bass Islands in the U.S. waters of Erie’s western basin and from Pelee Island on the Canadian side of the lake. He has also duped countless smallmouth from rocky flats, drops and humps along Erie’s North Coast from Detroit, Mich., to Buffalo, N.Y. Heavy brown bass that thrive on rocky structures along much of Canada’s shore have also felt the sting of Scalish’s hooks.

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