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How To Catch Lake Trout Through the Ice

There are several keys to learning how to catch lake trout while ice fishing. Lake trout can be anywhere in the water column, but are mostly found between 40-60 feet. This is especially true on the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming. A fishfinder is a helpful tool for finding the right depth to fish at quickly and identifying where the lake trout are. The proper depth is especially critical to pay attention to in the winter. A typical ice fishing setup for lake trout fishing involves drilling three holes. The fishfinder goes in the middle hole and then you can use two fishing rods to fish through the other two holes. Use a tube jig on one rod and a spoon on the other. Utilize different jigging techniques depending on how the fish are responding and what type of lure you have on the line. When a spoon is in use, more aggressive jigging works well. We hope these tips help you get out to enjoy some fishing during the colder months of the year. Winter is the perfect time for ice fishing and catching lake trout.

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