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How to Catch More Bass from a Kayak

Even after many years of recreational and tournament kayak bass fishing, there are days when it can be a struggle to catch fish. Typically, I end up finding and catching bass, but occasionally, it just doesn’t work out. That’s OK. It’s still been a great day fishing in the kayak.

Whether you’ve been bass fishing for a while or are about to hit the water for your first kayak outing, catching these elusive fish can present a challenge, and kayak bass fishing differs from fishing from a larger boat or from the bank. Don’t get frustrated or give up. Bass fishing is supposed to be challenging, and the challenge is part of what makes it fun!

These kayak fishing tips, developed through trial and error and much time spent on the water, can help make your kayak bass fishing outings more fruitful.

Choose Easy to Fish Baits

Having a confidence bait in bass fishing is very important. Find a technique you know how to excecute and trust to catch fish. For kayak bass fishing, it is important to choose baits and techniques that lend themselves well to a kayak fishing approach.

Your kayak will move in the water as you fish and your vantage is low. Several techniques are easily executed while seated and drifting. Good bait options include a Texas rigged worm, soft-plastic jerkbait, jig, spinnerbait, square-bill crankbait and popper.

Walking a topwater lure, working a jerkbait, flipping and punching are examples of techniques that require you to stand or to be stationary to work the baits correctly and that can be more difficult from a kayak.

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