How to Hook Anglers, Both Young and Old

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Lester makes his living with a rod and reel, but he’s keenly aware that not everyone needs the same level of performance tackle he employs.

“I don’t remember life without fishing,” Lester said of his early foundation. “With today’s assortment of tackle options, I think it’s important to start kids with something that’s functional and cost-effective until they decide their level of interest.”

Lester’s the architect behind Mustad’s BLF Instinct Rod series, which leverages his decade of rod-building know-how for a high-performance lineup. Lester believes serious anglers will benefit from his designs, but he also sees the importance of equipping youth and older anglers with the rod/reel combos that serve a more relaxed angling approach.

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Enter Mustad’s new Legacy Series, which pairs a dependable, well-balanced rod and reel combo that’s ideally proportioned for a young angler with a longer rod and a larger reel better suited for an older person. Each combo includes a durable two-piece graphite composite rod and a pre-spooled ball bearing reel.

Options include a Freshwater Legacy Series with split-grip handles for balance and enhanced casting distance, as well as a Saltwater and Big Hit Series with full-length EVA foam handles for comfort and leverage. Available individually as well as in sets of two, these combos make it easy for kids and adults to enjoy fishing at their own pace — and to do so with confidence in their equipment.

“There are more folks that just like to sit on the side of the bank and cast a bobber with some live minnows or some live worms than there are serious bass anglers,” Lester said. “My grandfather helped get me started fishing and he was not a serious bass fisherman. He fished for everything — crappie, catfish, bluegill. There are a lot of multi-species fans who just go fishing for the fun of it.”

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“With kids, you just want to make it fun for them, so make sure you’re fishing for something that’s going to get you some bites,” he said. “Even if it’s bluegills that are half the size of your hand – as long as a kid is catching something and it’s engaging, you can teach them a few fishing skills.”

“The big deal with older people is that they often just like to be out there. I see that with my dad. He’s another one who introduced me to fishing and I make it a point to take him on a trip every fall. He doesn’t even care if he catches a fish, but as you get older, you realize it’s more about the experience.”

From floating earthworms or crickets near lily pads, to leisurely dragging Texas-rigged plastics along the bottom, or winding a weedless spoon for redfish, Mustad’s Legacy series offers suitable options for all interests. As Lester notes, it’s particularly important to encourage young anglers by equipping them with real, functional equipment — rods built to effectively deliver a bait and then handle whatever bites.

“You don’t want to give a kid an inadequate rod and reel because if they hook a really big fish, it’s going to strip the gears out of it,” he said. “That will discourage the kid, so I think it’s important to have something that can handle the job.”

The Mustad Legacy Series combos were created to do just that. Look for these quality rods and reels at Mustad authorized dealers soon.


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