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How To Launch on Crude Boat Ramps

In a perfect world, every lake is full of biting fish and hosts a nicely pitched boat ramp with nobody waiting in line. But we all know perfect is just a fantasy. With more boats on the water and an increasing knowledge base among anglers, lakes are often crowded and the fish less than willing. Now, more than ever, you need a secret honey hole.

Sometimes, there’s plenty of great water, but no easy way to get on it, as remote lakes and rivers often lack quality boat ramps. In places like Florida, crude boat ramps are a daily part of business. No one could ever keep up with all the small pits and ponds, many offering just a sandy spot to launch. Local anglers employ an array of specialized equipment for just such a purpose, from tilt trailers to airboats.

You don’t need to go that far. With a little knowledge and a few tips, you can get on some remote waters with your current rig.

First, it’s crucial to assess your setup, and be honest. No, it won’t be possible to launch a 4,000-pound bass boat on a golf course pond. Ask yourself: Can you manually move your boat by hand, on and off the trailer? Can you crank it up with the winch, provided the bunks get wet? Remember, it’s easier to launch a boat than load it. Always consider the end game.

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