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How to Snell a Hook

Learn how to create the strongest connection for all types of baitfishing.

By Joe Cermele

Some of my earliest memories are of buying packs of pre-snelled hooks with my dad. When I was a kid, whether we were fishing worms for trout or dough balls for catfish, we used hooks pre-snelled on a heavy leader, complete with a pre-tied loop on the end for easy connection to our main lines. For many years, I gave very little thought to the actual knot, which creates a set of nice, neat coils around the shank of the hook. In fact, I didn’t learn how to snell my own hooks until my teenaged years, and while pre-snelled hooks are still easily found in every tackle shop, I’m often surprised by how many folks don’t know how to snell a hook.

How to Snell a Hook

While tying a snell knot isn’t difficult, it does take practice. Though there are several methods, let’s break down what I believe is the easiest. If you need a visual references, this video of the process makes it easy to follow.

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