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Tyler Rivet

Bassmaster Pro and Huk angler, Tyler Rivet, shares some insight into bass fishing and his career.

Tyler has been hooked on fishing from an early age and made his professional debut with B.A.S.S. four years ago. He has fished all over the country and caught his biggest bass on Toledo Bend which weighed 9lbs. 12oz. Although his biggest bass was on Toledo Bend, Lake Guntersville is his favorite destination because it has everything a bass angler could want.

His signature fishing technique is punching followed closely by topwater fishing. Tyler loves the rush of fishing a tournament and the comradery with fellow anglers. He enjoys seeing young anglers at tournaments. His advice to young anglers is to fish every second in a tournament because any cast can change the outcome of the tournament or your career.

Tyler always has his favorite snack, beef jerky, onboard so he doesn’t get hungry during those long tournaments. Talking about food, bananas are never allowed near the boat. If you’re an angler, you know why!

One of his top stories to tell is about his worst boat launch experience. In college Tyler’s buddy was backing him down a ramp and hit the brakes hard. The boat slid off the trailer onto the ramp, luckily it barely had a scratch.

When not on a tournament trail, Tyler enjoys working out, deer hunting, and catching buckets of crappie.

Lee Livesay

Bassmaster Pro and Huk angler, Lee Livesay, has been a professional guide on Lake Fork for about ten years and made his professional debut with B.A.S.S. four years ago. The savvy pro opens up to share some insight into bass fishing and his life.

Lee enjoys all things outdoors. When not on a tournament trail, he enjoys hunting and traveling the Midwest. Yet the excitement and thrill of competitive fishing draws him back to chasing big bass all over the country. A common theme among the bass elite is Lake Champlain. Like many of his brethren, the New York lake ranks as his favorite fishing destination.

He is thrilled to be able to make a living as a professional guide. Fishing with anglers from all over the country is fun and sometimes can be quite challenging – like letting the clients back his truck down the ramp for him. That always brings a smile to his face.

Lee’s signature fishing technique is fishing frogs. He lights up when describing the anticipation and explosive topwater strikes they induce. Lee’s biggest bass to date weighed in at 12 lbs 89 oz. Yet, he is most proud of one of his clients who hooked a 13 lbs 88 oz fatty with him back home!

Lee’s advice to young anglers is to spend as much time on the water as possible. Also, he encourages them to fish for other species besides bass. He says you will learn so much about fish behavior and new fishing techniques.

His favorite snack is a Huk crew favorite – cold fried crappie! Forget trail mix and PB&J. Whether at your lake or back on the Fork, he hopes to see you on the water someday. He might even share some of his crappie.

Brock Mosley

Huk Angler Brock Mosley has been fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod and reel. The Bassmaster Pro took some time out of his hectic routine to share some insight into bass fishing and his fishing career.

Brock made his professional debut with B.A.S.S. seven years ago. The constant battle of triggering a fish to bite drives Brock to fish and he loves the thrill. Brock attributes his success to having a good work ethic and leaving excuses on the shoreline! Young anglers looking to follow in his footsteps can learn a lot from this sage advice.

Recently Brock shared with the Huk crew one of his most memorable fishing stories. We hope he doesn’t mind us spreading the word with his fans. He recalled a trip on a cold frosty morning. As he was launching his boat, he slipped on the frosted gunnel as he tried to hop out of the boat. He fell right onto the concrete of the boat ramp. After he collected himself, he backed the boat into the water but forgot to undo one of the back straps. So, there he stood watching his boat still strapped to the trailer in freezing cold water. Brock reluctantly wadded out to free his boat and fished the rest of the day. Now that is dedication, with a little bit of crazy mixed in!

Brock’s signature fishing technique is power fishing. This allows him to cover a lot of water and put his bait in front of as many fish as possible. It should be no surprise that his favorite snacks are protein bars and Diet Mountain Dew! Sometimes members of the Huk crew have tried to barter a spot on his boat with a 6 pack of Diet Dew. Just be sure not to bring any bananas. They are strictly forbidden!

His largest bass to date nearly broke double digits at 9lbs. 15oz. Brock’s top bass fishing destination is Lake Champlain. This upper New York lake is a top spot for both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

When not on the tournament trail, Brock enjoys spending time fishing, hunting, and golfing with his family and friends.

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