Huk Welcomes Top-Tier Anglers and Industry Professionals to the Brand’s Prostaff Team

Charleston, SC – Huk continues to pave the way across the nation with innovative, performance fishing apparel. Recently, it has made a few stops along the way to add top-tier anglers and industry professionals to the brand’s Prostaff Team, including Briana Tucker, Matt Massey, Drew Gill, and Luke Palmer. With these additions, Huk continues to develop meaningful connections with the nation’s leading anglers and fishing personalities.

Briana Tuckerhuk Briana Tucker

Hometown: Trinity, Alabama

Briana is a rising star on the pro angler circuit. She currently fishes in the Bassmaster Opens and the Toyota Series. Her dreams as a lady angler do not stop there, Briana aspires to be the first female in the Bassmaster Elite Series and the first female to win the Bassmaster Classic. Briana is also paving the way in the fishing community through tournaments and her outreach in getting kids connected to opportunities to get out fishing.

“Briana Tucker is an excellent fit for the prostaff team as she is an upcoming bass fishing angler and a licensed captain who guides fishing trips on the Tennessee River in Alabama,” said Paige Hill-Murphy, Huk Community Manager. “We love Briana’s passion for fishing and her work with local high school teams encouraging kids to get involved in fishing.”

Briana relies on Huk to keep her comfortable and protected, whether on the tournament trail or during her time guiding. Check her out on social media @brianatuckerfishing.

Matt Massey huk Matt Massey

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Originally from Colorado, Matt Massey was introduced to the outdoors by his father as a young child. He recently moved to Northeast Florida to pursue his professional bass fishing career.

Living in Florida, Matt also enjoys catching redfish in the intercoastal waterways of St. Augustine, making Matt a versatile fisherman in both the salt and fresh waters. “I love Huk because the gear is adaptable and dependable on every body of water,” commented Matt. “Fresh or salt, rain or shine, I know Huk has my back.”

Matt has been a part of the National Professional Fishing League for the past two years. Through the partnership, Huk will support Matt’s mission to continue fishing professionally by providing him with durable and protective gear for extended days on the water. During 2023, Matt will count on Huk from his first cast of the season to his last. Check out Matt on social media @mattmasseyfishing.

Drew Gillhuk Drew Gill

Hometown: Mount Carmel, IL

Drew Gill is an outstanding addition to the Huk ProStaff Team, as his dedication to the competitive fishing circuit is evident through his Major League Fishing (MLF) involvement. Drew is an MLF Invitationals Pro, an MLF Toyota Series Pro, and an MLF College Angler. During his extensive fishing tournament involvement, Drew leans on Huk for the “resilient gear” he requires on the water.

Through his tournament fishing days, Drew has received several accolades. He is a 3x Top 25 Toyota Series Fisherman, a 3x Top 10 College Fisherman, and an 8x Top 25 College Fisherman. Throughout the upcoming 2023 fishing season, Drew will push Huk to the limits as he chases his tournament dreams. This partnership allows Drew to bring all tournament and fishing fanatics knowledge and information about Huk’s innovative and reliable products.

When not professionally fishing, Drew also enjoys saltwater fishing and fishing with his family and friends.

Luke Palmerhuk Luke Palmer

Hometown: Coalgate, Oklahoma

When it comes to Huk’s core goal of helping anglers follow their passion, Luke Palmer is the definition of an angler who has done just that. While helping with his family business and achieving a college degree, Luke continued chasing his professional fishing dreams. Following college, Luke entered the Bassmaster Opens, where he ultimately qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series. He has since competed and placed in Bassmaster Classics while continuing to work full-time.

“The Huk ProStaff is the perfect fit for Luke, as he found his love for fishing early and hasn’t stopped pursuing it ever since,” said Hill-Murphy of Huk. “This lifelong passion for fishing is at the core of our DNA, and we look forward to working with Luke as he continues his journey in this great sport.”

Whether fishing a tournament or a leisurely day on the water, Luke depends on Huk for protection and comfort from the elements all day. Through this partnership, Luke can connect fishing enthusiasts with the most high-quality and innovative fishing apparel. Check Luke out on social media @lukepalmerfishing.

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