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Hunt Monkey Debuts Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Camo For Winter 2023

With more than 30 years in pattern development, the team at Mossy Oak concluded that the most versatile and effective waterfowl pattern was one comprised entirely of grass. After photographing a variety grass blades along water edges and flooded fields, they learned that each blade was unique, and was most often accompanied by a thatch background of dead or pressed-down lesser grass.

Duck Pond HM704 Shadow Grass a

Duck Pond

Using these two elements, they set out to create the perfect pure grass pattern by arranging each blade of grass in natural positions with shadows falling across each other on a thatch background. The thatch background, with its small grass moving from light to dark spots, creates the perfect depth and distance from the larger blades to give Shadow Grass a realistic 3D appearance and superior ability to break up a hunter’s outline. Each blade of grass was selected for its unique coloration and position to duplicate the grass edges found all over the country.

Apex Hunt

Based on the success of this camouflage pattern, Hunt Monkey has teamed up with Mossy Oak to offer this across a wide range of its gloves, each designed specifically with the hunter in mind. Hunt Monkey’s Duck Pond glove is perfect for those cold mornings in the blind, especially since it’s a gauntlet style glove that allows the user to retrieve decoys without becoming soaking wet. 

Apex Hunt HM703 Shadow Grass a
Hunt Monkey Balaclava and Faceguard Conceal Shadow Grass 1

Conceal Balaclava

The Apex is another style to feature the Shadow Grass pattern—this one is a perfect all-around glove for waterfowling. Pair these with the Conceal face guard or, for fuller coverage, the Conceal balaclava, both in Shadow Grass, and you’re ready for just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

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