ICAST 2022 NEW Release: The Boxer Craw

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ICAST 2022 NEW Release: The Boxer Craw

Pompano Beach, FL – From the creators of some of the top tier flipping and punching baits, Gambler Lures once again brings innovation to the heavy cover angler with the release of the new Boxer Craw.  An offshoot of its predecessor the BB Cricket, the Boxer Craw exemplifies the concept of a compact craw but with a body equipped for heavy cover tackle.  Molded with a custom flipping hook keeper and unique vibrating “boxing” claws, the Boxer Craw easily slides into cover without a lot of disruption.

Gambler Lures owner, Val Osinski, said he had a very simple concept in mind when designing the lures: “It’s been a couple years since we came out with a new flipping style bait and the movement in the market is towards more compact lures with non-kicking appendages is something we captured years ago with our BB Cricket.  We wanted to give anglers that style of lure with a new look and not sacrifice the ability to use heavy duty punching tackle.”

The Boxer Craw is available in 14 colors, measures 3.5”, and is an essential add to any angler’s flipping and punching arsenal.  To learn more call 954-969-1772, visit gambler-lures.com or email [email protected].

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