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IMTRA Introduces Sleipner Electric Fins “Any Speed” Stabilizers

New Bedford, MA – IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality solutions and products for the marine, energy and transportation markets, announced the introduction of the new Sleipner Electric Vector FinsTM any speed stabilization system. Revolutionizing stabilization for yachts, the system incorporates new electric actuators combined with a revolutionary new fin design, the Vector3 Fins, which is a further development of the unique Vector Fins and second generation VFS Vector Fins designs currently used with hydraulic actuators.

Offering unique benefits compared to others, the Sleipner electric actuators provide a level of reliability none can match and a solution to the most common problem with electric actuators: structure-borne noise. Developed specifically for the efficiency of the Vector3Fins, the Sleipner electric actuators are based on a frameless, brushless, torque motor built directly into the actuator base, which allows it to maintain high torque over an extended time. The system uses a Harmonic Drive® strain wave gear system for unprecedented reliability, as well as a patented noise reduction system which reduces about 92% of structure-borne noise. The strain wave gear was used on the Mars Rovers and aircraft landing gear where failure is simply not an option.

Built on the successful, revolutionary Vector Fins, the Vector3 Fins design takes the concept several steps further. It is up to 110% more energy efficient than conventional flat fins and provides up to 90% increase in stabilizing force while reducing sway and yaw up to 60% over conventional flat fins. In addition, the Vector3 Fins have a 50% better lift-to-drag ratio compared to the original Vector Fins and it virtually eliminates “anchor walk”, as the actuators now allow the fins to rotate 180 degrees. The Sleipner Vector3 Fins are also an improvement over gyros, as the fins provide superior all-around stabilization, vastly superior performance when underway – especially in following seas and crosswinds – and excellent at-anchor performance without the high-maintenance cost and weight of gyros.

“The Sleipner Vector Fins changed the game with a level of performance not previously seen in fin stabilization,” said Prentice Weathers, Stabilization Product Manager, IMTRA. “Now, the new electric actuators and Vector3 Fins take stabilization to a whole new level with a vastly superior stabilizer system compared to all others and allows us to offer any speed stabilization to smaller vessels than was previously possible. Boat builders now have a wide array of Vector Fins stabilizer options, and those looking to refit their boats with stabilizers, or replace their ‘underway only’ fins, now have the option for either hydraulic or electric actuators. As an added benefit, all Sleipner stabilizers can now be controlled on modern MFD’s as well via the new SDI-1 interface.”

The Sleipner Electric Vector Fins are designed for all motor yachts from 45- to 150-feet and will be available starting in early 2024.

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IMTRA, a 100% employee-owned company based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an importer and manufacturer of high-quality marine products, advanced LED solutions and integrated marine systems, as well as a key supplier to the OEM and aftermarket. With more than 70 years in the commercial, industrial and marine markets, IMTRA has sales and support teams in 12 regions throughout North America. The company’s extensive product knowledge is available to its customers through a renowned full-service department, a professional customer service group and an online Learning Center. Product categories include Lighting, Thrusters, Stabilizers, Anchoring Systems, Wipers, Seating, Controls, Doors, Hatches and other specialty products. In addition to their own proprietary products, IMTRA represents well-known international brands that include Sleipner (Side-Power), Norsap, Vimar, Lumishore, BCM Lighting, Lofrans, Muir, Exalto, Zipwake, Roca, Lilaas, DHR, Libra, Victron, KPM-Marine and many more.

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