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BEMIDJI, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle® has taken the jighead world by storm with their new Deep-Vee Jig, an unusually shaped gem with a giant, pronounced and reflective eye and narrow, hydrodynamic keel design. It also has a wide gap, sticky sharp hook, and perfectly-sized bait keeper. Available in four sizes—1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4-, and 3/8-ounce – there’s a great option regardless of depth, species, or bait choice. And with over a dozen fish-catching colors to choose from, there’s something for every situation, regardless of water clarity or forage preference.

Available in so many sizes and colors, the Deep-Vee is really a multi-species wonder, perfect for anything from slab-sized panfish to walleyes and big green and brown bass. However, right now—as you read this (so take heed)—anglers are slaying marble-eyed creatures of all sizes across the Walleye Belt, both on live bait and plastics like Northland Tackle’s Impulse Paddle Minnow and Impulse Smelt Minnow teamed up with the Deep-Vee Jig. From the Missouri River to Lake Erie, Green Bay, the Dakotas to Mille Lacs and Rainy, the Deep-Vee Jig bite has been on fire!

northland deep vee profiles

Northland Team Pro Nick Lindner comments: “For me, the Deep-Vee is a versatile, all-around jig fished with live bait or artificial presentations. It’s the perfect jig for ripping flukes or paddletails. I also think the hook lends itself to effective live bait fishing. Like right now in Minnesota the shiners are running and that’s what we’ve been using in the cold, early post-spawn water conditions. I feel comfortable double-hooking shiners—which aren’t cheap—with this jig. The hook is sticky sharp to penetrate the minnow mouth and come out the back, kept perfectly secure by the hook keeper, which doesn’t rip up the bait. The hook gap itself is wide enough to run minnows or plastics effectively for solid bites.”

Lindner continues: “The head itself is cool. It’s top-heavy but has a narrow bottom, which has a level of hydrodynamics. So, when you’re popping or ripping the jig with live bait or plastic the head produces a walk-the-dog action.”

northland deep vee colors01

northland deep vee colors02

Speaking to the vast array of 12 color options, Lindner notes he likes a few colors for Minnesota lakes, although there are choices for anglers in any Midwest situation. “We did well recently on Lake Mille Lacs with Purpledescent and Walleye. The Walleye color is a natural match-the-hatch hue that mixes yellow and gold with a big white eye that’s easily identifiable by the fish as something to eat. Conversely, if I’m rip-jigging soft plastics, I like brighter colors like Parrot, Bubblegum, and Sunrise.”

When it comes to rod, reel, and line set up to effectively fish the Deep-Vee Jig, Lindner keeps it simple. “I like a 7’3” medium sometimes medium-light rod, 2500 spinning reel, and eight-pound braid with a three-foot leader section of eight-pound fluorocarbon. It’s standard.”

“The Northland Deep-Vee is that jig we’ve all been waiting for. And it’s not just a walleye thing. You watch, largemouth and smallmouth bass guys are going to find out about it and secretly make the switch. It’s that good. Period.”

Brad Hawthorne

Northland Team Pro Joel Nelson adds: “Over the years, jig design hasn’t changed that much—you’ve got pill and aspirin and ball shaped jig heads—but I knew that Northland really had something awesome with the Deep-Vee head design, which is aspirin-shaped toward the top but narrows down in the keel section. In the river, depending on if you’re working up or down current, the goal is always the same: keep that jig as close to the bottom as possible because walleyes relate to sand swells, little pockets, cuts, current breaks, and of course, rocks and wood. The problem has been finding a jig that stays close to the bottom and doesn’t consistently get hung-up. The Deep-Vee is hydrodynamic, so it cuts through the depth and current and stays near bottom and doesn’t get hung up as often with that narrow keel design.”

Nelson continues: “Another thing: the Deep-Vee tracks straight when you’re pulling, drifting, popping, or ripping it behind the boat. It relates to the bottom well and allows you to size down a bit in weight, allowing for more finesse. Whether you’re fishing a minnow, soft plastic, hunk of ‘crawler, or jumbo leech, the wire hook keeper keeps the bait pinned to the jig. The paint finish is hard and doesn’t wear off; it has a wickedly sharp hook; that big, pronounced eye; thin wire bait keeper; and they just don’t get hung up as often as most jigs. Some jigs are long-shanked and don’t have a wide enough gap—that isn’t a problem with the Deep-Vee.”

northland deep vee 02

Legendary Mille Lacs lake fishing guide and Northland pro Brad Hawthorne is another convert to the Deep-Vee Jig.

Hawthorne notes: “Being a live bait guy this time of year, the Northland Deep-Vee Jig is simply the best live bait delivery system when we’re in the jig and shiner part of the season. At any depth—shallow to deep—the way the head is shaped gets the jig down to 1’ to 3’ feet of the bottom consistently without having to let more line out, which is perfect for walleye fishing. You want the bait just above the fish and in the strike zone. The shape of the head gets the bait down quick and helps you maintain a vertical presentation, which is so crucial when fish are negative to neutral. If you’re pitching live bait or plastics, the hydrodynamic head keeps the bait tracking straight. And with the big eye—I’ve always been a fan of big eyes on baits whether it’s a crankbait, spoon, or jig—the Deep-Vee really appeals to a walleye’s acute vision and predatory response.”

Hawthorne adds: “Plus, you don’t have to settle for a couple patterns; the Deep-Vee comes in a dozen colors to match any situation you’ll encounter walleye fishing on a lake, river, or reservoir. From muddy water to gin clear, there are options. Plus, it’s got a sticky sharp hook that really matters for hook-ups. You’re banging rocks and bottom, getting the hook caught in multiple hard walleye mouths, and it stays razor sharp. It’s not your four or five for a dollar jig—it’s a tournament and guide-quality jig that just delivers. I recommend it to all my clients, and I think walleye fishermen will connect with more fish if they give it a shot.”

Hawthorne concludes: “The Northland Deep-Vee is that jig we’ve all been waiting for. And it’s not just a walleye thing. You watch, largemouth and smallmouth bass guys are going to find out about it and secretly make the switch. It’s that good. Period.”

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