Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON

PARK FALLS, WI – Regardless of product category, people have more choices than ever in today’s consumer-driven marketplace. That’s a great thing, because human beings have unique and variable tastes and preferences. They’re physically different, too. But the ugly reality often surfaces when products fail to deliver at the levels hyped by their marketing.

Fishing rods are a good example. Ultimately, what’s good is good, regardless of its price, popularity, assigned category, or marketing.

At St. Croix Rod, we’re only considered trendy because we’ve been establishing and influencing trends in the fishing-rod market for 75 years. Moreso, our innovation has always remained authentic and loyal to anglers. That means if a design, idea, material, or technology doesn’t improve the fishing experience, it doesn’t go into our rods.

That said, part of St. Croix’s promise is to recognize and appreciate individuality of all anglers. Different people make decisions about the rods they’ll fish based on what they value in terms of diverse factors like appearance, balance, ergonomics, sensitivity, and cost. Ultimately, they demand choices, which is why we offer over 800 distinct, precisely engineered and handcrafted rod models delivering inspired St. Croix performance across a variety of retail price points.

Mojo Bass set a new standard for bass anglers when it was released some 20 years ago. Its diverse offering of lengths, powers and actions catered to a complete range of bass-fishing techniques. Its materials and components supported an elevated, high-performance fishing experience. Its mid-range price made it accessible to a wide range of anglers.

Meet the New Mojo Bass TRIGON

St. Croix’s next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series rods are being introduced this week at ICAST 2023 and represent a significant evolution in design, innovation, and individuality for the benefit of bass anglers.

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 01

“New Mojo Bass is all about building a comprehensive bass-rod series on a proven high-performance platform while pushing limits and setting new standards with science-based ergonomic advancements,” says St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach. “We’ve updated the assortment with more lengths, powers, and actions to support all of today’s bass-fishing techniques – from BFS presentations to heavy eight-ounce swimbaits; radically improved performance via exhaustively researched anthropometric design; given the series an exciting, upgraded aesthetic; and maintained the series’ mid-price position in the retail marketplace.”

Crafted on St. Croix’s proven SCIII carbon fiber blanks (100% Linear S-Glass blanks for select reaction-bait Mojo Bass Glass models), the next-generation Mojo Bass Series includes 25 casting and nine spinning models (34 total) incorporating St. Croix’s proprietary new Dynamix reel seat and ergonomic TRIGON handle design.

Ergonomics is a science focused on the study of “human fit” through what’s known as anthropometric data – the various measurements of the human body. In the case of the new Mojo Bass TRIGON Series, ergonomic design comes in the form of an all-new Dynamix reel seat and TRIGON handle, carefully conceived to improve angler control while decreasing fatigue and discomfort.

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 03

“Our unique TRIGON handle recognizes that the human hand does not form a circle when closed, so we’re no longer limiting our handle designs to cylindrical forms,” says Teach. “TRIGON features a curved, triangular profile with a rounded inner apex and a flattened top curve to better fit the human hand. The results are a more comfortable grip so anglers can fish longer while exercising increased control to maximize power and accuracy.”

Teach adds that St. Croix’s use of the word ergonomic in its description the TRIGON handle is both valid and earned. “TRIGON’s design is based on actual anthropometric data of the human hand,” he says. “We went to one of the foremost experts in the field of industrial design and fishing anthropometrics to make sure we got it right.”

St. Croix engineers partnered with renown industrial designer, Paul Richardson of Rise Creative, over the past two years to perfect the TRIGON handle design and accompanying Dynamix reel seat. “TRIGON’s inner apex – the triangular point on the lower part of the grip promotes greater hand-to-blank alignment for dramatically improved control,” Richardson says. “Meanwhile, the flattened top curve of TRIGON creates greater hand comfort, which ultimately reduces fatigue and supports longer, more comfortable fishing. And the design’s benefits are further increased in the way of control when the angler moves his or her thumb to the flattened top curve. The accompanying Dynamix reel seat has been specifically designed to fully support TRIGON’s benefits by meshing perfectly with its unique profiles.”

“In order to accomplish the aggressive design dimensional points in the TRIGON design, traditional cork forming could not be used,” Teach says. “In addition to being ultra durable, agglomerated cork is completely customizable and represented the ideal material to support TRIGON’s complex dimensional specifications.”

New Mojo Bass TRIGON Series rods incorporate IPC (Integrated Poly Curve) technology for smooth actions, enhanced sensitivity, and unparalleled durability.

Specifically engineered for hardbait applications like crankbaits and chatterbaits, Mojo Bass Glass TRIGON reaction-bait models (JOC610MM, JOC72MM, JOC72HM, and JOC74MHM) are constructed of 100% Linear S-Glass to produce rods with the softer, moderate actions such presentations demand.

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 04

The next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON series also includes two dedicated Bass Finesse System (BFS) models, offering finesse capability to anglers who prefer casting rods and reels. The Mojo Bass TRIGON JOC610MLMF Light BFS and JOC71MLMF Mid BFS models support a variety of BFS presentations such as downsized jerkbaits, crankbaits, chatterbaits, and spinnerbaits.

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 05

St. Croix engineers also took on the challenge of incorporating the GRASP handle to Mojo Bass TRIGON’s three dedicated swimbait models – the JOC710HF for ¾ to 2-ounce swimbaits, the JOC710XHF for 2 to 5-ounce swimbaits, and the JOC83XXHFT for 4 to 8-ounce swimbaits – further improving ergonomics, reducing angler fatigue, and minimizing potential for injury in these demanding presentations. “TRIGON and the Dynamix reel seat have some complex architecture,” Teach says. “But we’ve been able to adapt the design to mesh seamlessly with our GRASP handle in these three swimbait models without compromise. All of these Mojo Bass TRIGON rods feel like a bionic extension of yourself when you fish them, and the three dedicated swimbait models are extreme examples.”

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 06

Teach says the new Dynamix seat also features three keyways, where traditional seats only feature one. “The multi-keyway design keeps reels locked down tight with hoods in constant alignment,” he says. “Dynamix and TRIGON work together to keep the angler in optimal control of the rod at all times while casting, flipping, setting the hook, and landing fish time and time again.”

Introducing Mojo Bass TRIGON 07

St. Croix Mojo Bass and Mojo Bass Glass TRIGON Series Features

•  25 casting models and nine spinning models, designed and precision crafted for excellence in any bass-fishing technique
•  Advanced, high-modulus SCIII carbon fiber blanks for an optimal combination of lightweight sensitivity with exceptional durability
•  Select reaction-bait models feature super-premium 100% linear S-glass blanks
•  Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology
•  Ultra-durable, rigid stainless-steel guides with aluminum-oxide rings
•  Anthropometrics-driven split-grip St. Croix TRIGON agglomerated cork handles with premium EVA accents for dramatically increased comfort and control
•  Ergonomic St. Croix Dynamix reel seat with machined aluminum locking nut
•  Ergonomic St. Croix GRASP handle – integrated with TRIGON handle and Dynamix reel seat – on select swimbait casting models (JOC710HF, JOC710XHF, and JOC83XXHFT)
•  5-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
•  Designed in Park Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and handcrafted in North America (Fresnillo, Mexico) for bass anglers worldwide
•  Retail price $165 to $270

St. Croix Mojo Bass and Mojo Bass Glass TRIGON Series Casting Models

•  JOC610MLMF – BFS – 6’10”, medium-light power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $175
•  JOC610MM* – 6’10”, medium power, moderate action, casting / Retail $165
•  JOC70MHMF – 7’0”, medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $180
•  JOC70HF – 7’0”, heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $180
•  JOC71MLMF – BFS – 7’1”, medium-light power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $180
•  JOC71MF – 7’1”, medium power, fast action, casting / Retail $180
•  JOC71MHF – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $180
•  JOC72MM* – 7’2”, medium power, moderate action, casting / Retail $175
•  JOC72MHM – 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $185
•  JOC72MHMF – 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $185
•  JOC72HM* – 7’2”, heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $185
•  JOC73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC73HMF – 7’3”, heavy power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC73HXF – 7’3”, heavy power, extra-fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC74MHM* – 7’4”, medium-heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC74HF – 7’4”, heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC75MHF – 7’5”, medium-heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC76HMF – 7’6”, heavy power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $195
•  JOC710HM – 7’10”, heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $220
•  JOC710HF – 7’10”, heavy power, fast action, GRASP casting / Retail $250
•  JOC710XHM – 7’10”, extra-heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $230
•  JOC710XHF – 7’10”, extra-heavy power, fast action, GRASP casting / Retail $260
•  JOC711HMF – 7’11”, heavy power, moderate-fast action, casting / Retail $230
•  JOC83XXHFT – 8’3”, extra-extra-heavy power, fast action, telescopic, GRASP casting / Retail $270

* Mojo Bass Glass / 100% Linear S-Glass

St. Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON Series Spinning Models

•  JOS68MXF – 6’8”, medium power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $170
•  JOS610MLXF – 6’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $175
•  JOS71MF – 7’1”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $175
•  JOS72MM – 7’2”, medium power, moderate action, spinning / Retail $175
•  JOS73MLXF – 7’3”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $180
•  JOS73MXF – 7’3”, medium power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $180
•  JOS73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail $185
•  JOS710MLXF – 7’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $190
•  JOS710MMF – 7’10”, medium power, moderate-fast action, spinning / Retail $190

Next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON rods are conceived for bass anglers who want to fish longer, smarter, and more effectively in any presentation with cutting-edge aesthetics and pioneering ergonomics. Adding results-driven innovation to one of the most-capable bass platforms ever built, new Mojo Bass and Mojo Bass Glass TRIGON rods will be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide and online at on August 1.

See them in the St. Croix booth #3022 at ICAST 2023 and in the Freshwater Rod category of the 2023 ICAST New Product Showcase.

Interested in becoming a St. Croix dealer? See us at ICAST 2023 in booth #3022 or email

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