Introducing SWYM By JYG: The Patent Pending EZ-RIG System

Jupiter, FL- JYG Pro Fishing is thrilled to present the latest breakthrough in swimbait fishing—the SWYM Paddle tail! The patent pending design offers an exciting and practical swimbait system. Designed by anglers for anglers, the SWYM is crafted to meet and exceed expectations, delivering exceptional performance across various fishing scenarios. Whether targeting peacock bass, snook, tarpon, stripers, or even giant bluefin tuna, the SWYM Paddle tail is set to become the new go-to lure.

The SWYM Advantage

The SWYM Paddle tail stands out for its innovative design and superior engineering. Crafted from premium soft plastic and meticulously injection-molded, this swimbait promises durability and consistency, allowing anglers to fish longer, faster, and harder than ever before.

Key Features:

·         Versatile Sizes and Colors: Available in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 7″ sizes, The SWYM Paddle tail is available in a variety of vibrant UV colors, including Pearl, Highlighter Pearl, 2-Stroke, Dirty Dinero, Flamingo, Mullet, and special edition colors like Krypto and Krypto Blue. This flexibility allows for mixing and matching heads and tails, creating the perfect lure combination for any situation.

·         Lifelike Action: The SWYM’s unique triangular body shape and large paddle tail deliver a lifelike swimming action that attracts fish from afar, making it an irresistible target.

·         Strong and Easy-to-Rig: Each SWYM Paddle tail is equipped with robust BKK hooks and a pre-made hook channel, ensuring easy and secure rigging.

·         EZ-RIG System: The patent-pending EZ-RIG system is a game-changer. It ensures a secure connection between the jig head and lure body, preventing damage and extending the life of the lure. Unlike traditional rigging methods that can cause wear and tear on the lure, the EZ-RIG system utilizes a cavity in the soft plastic with a corresponding insert on the jig head. This superior system not only enhances the durability of the SWYM but also makes it quicker and easier to rig, so anglers spend less time preparing and more time fishing.

Perfect for Every Angler

Whether a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the SWYM Paddle tail is a must-have addition to any tackle box. Its versatility and performance make it suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios, ensuring the right tool is always available for the job. The SWYM is perfect for targeting saltwater species of all types, as well as many freshwater predators.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Fishing Game?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fishing experience with the SWYM Paddle tail. Visit the JYG Pro Fishing website to explore the full range of sizes and colors and discover why anglers everywhere are making the switch to the SWYM. Contact a JYG representative in your region to stock this hot new item in your store:



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