Jig Big Or Stay Home

DAIWA’s new SALTIGA LEVER DRAG (LD) 55JP is geared to give anglers the advantage.

Cypress, CA – Offshore and nearshore jigging is an athletic endeavor. In fact, if skateboarding and fencing are Olympic sports, why not deep jigging? Takes strength, strategy, and certainly endurance. Ever try ripping a jig in the 100’s – even thousands – of feet for hours? Not to mention a tuna or amberjack interrupting sequences by peeling off hundreds more feet that must be spun back up under great resistance.

Fortunately, DAIWA’s new SALTIGA Lever Drag (LD) 55JP is exquisitely engineered to better your performance while reducing angler fatigue.

“It’s the ideal jigging reel with capacity,” says DAIWA Marketing Manager Marc Mills, stating the obvious. “Think big west coast tuna, giant jacks, deep reef grouper, and other sizable species between the boat and bottom.” And that “bottom,” says Mills, means down to 1,000-feet below.  

Intelligent design is at the core, starting with the SALTIGA LD55JP’s distinctive profile. “It’s noticeably taller and narrower than other conventional saltwater reels,” says Mills. “Tallness means having an upsized spool with massive line capacity for deep jigging. The narrowness vastly reduces line piling on the spool to one side or the other.” Moreover, it contributes to the inches-per-crank and the power to speed ratio.

Externally, the SALTIGA LD55JP features a one-piece machined aluminum frame with side plates for unmatched strength. Its easily thumbed lever-drag calibrates effortlessly for quick tension adjustments without awkward reaches. Jiggers will also appreciate the feel of the Offset Power Handle with oversized, soft-touch handle, which yields a confident grip. 

“The SALTIGA LD55JP’s torque and gear stability is remarkable,” says Mills calling out the reel’s massive stainless steel gears.” Its gearing yields a 5.2:1 ratio and impressive 46.3-inch line take-up on every crank.

“Consider it your big fish jigging reel, one built for high drag pressures as much or even more than 45 lbs.,” continues Mills. “Feel confident using it for amberjack, yellowfin and bluefin tuna, grouper, snapper and tilefish with Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD) supporting your efforts.” 

Mills concludes by suggesting the perfect rod to pair with a SALTIGA LD55JP. “The SALTIGA Jigging Rod is tailormade for the new reel and related saltwater jigging techniques.” His top selections are the 5’ 8” heavy, extra-heavy, and extra-extra-heavy models (SLTGJ58HB, SLTGJ58XHB, and SLTGJ58XXHB). 

The SALTIGA Jigging Rod features HVF Nanoplus Carbon Technology to reinforce the blank through a micro-level arrangement of material in the plastic resin. This creates a smaller, lighter, more rigid blank. Its X-45 Bias Construction provides greater strength and prevents twisting and ovalization upon bending. Innovative 3DX Carbon Fiber Material is an interwoven three-dimensional carbon fiber that is wrapped around the blank in manufacturing much like a skeleton. This reinforcement with the 3DX hexagon shaped fibers enhances the compression, improves the flex strength, and makes the blank action much faster. The Custom Dimple EVA Handle provides a sure, slip proof, grip especially important when jigging. Fuji Tangle Free Guides let jigs drop with the minimum of resistance. 

Consider yourself an Olympic class jigger. DAIWA’s new SALTIGA LD55JP will help you get the gold. 


  • Deep Saltwater Jigging
  • One Piece Machined Aluminum Frame and Side plate
  • Smooth Lever Drag
  • Offset Power Handle
  • Massive Stainless Steel Gears
  • Machined Aluminum spool
  • Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD)
  • High Capacity Spool
  • All Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB)
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio with 46.3-inch line take-up per turn

MSRP $749.99

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