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New DAIWA Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait sports vivid details and tight action with an extra kick.

Foothill Ranch, CA – Downsizing has its benefits. Downsize portions and you’re apt to lose weight. Downsize your vehicle and you’ll save on gas. Downsize your bait…and there’s a strong chance you’ll catch more fish and a wider variety of species.

Following in the footsteps of DAIWA’s original Dr. Minnow Floating Jerkbait, the new Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait presents a bite-sized meal, but in a slow sinking figure with jointed body for increased action.

Crafted in Japan for Bait Finesse (BF) pixy bass fishing, the new Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait is now available domestically. BF techniques were developed to combat the challenges of catching bass in clear and heavily fished waters. Essentially, the practice calls for downsizing gear, line, and lures, but while not losing the command and performance of traditional baitcasting techniques. (DAIWA introduced the PX BF70 and Tatula BF70 bait finesse reels at the recent Bassmaster Classic.)

At only 2-inches in the length, the Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait is a ringer for Bait Finesse. The small baitfish silhouette is attractive to fish that might otherwise snub a big bait. Moreover, its stealthy looks are effective in clear water conditions.

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At the business end of Bait Finesse fishing is an exceptional, lifelike, lightweight lure, such as the Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait. The precision lure sports realistic eyeballs, gills, and scales molded into a finely tuned body. Additionally, each of the four must-have patterns features intricate paintjobs to elicit strikes in varying water conditions.

The componentry is grade A as well. A sleek and durable bill yields a tight wobble with supreme durability. And a pair of superbly sharp #12 treble hooks are kept by small but strong split-rings.

The centerpiece, however, is its jointed action. The spritely Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait runs as true as its one-piece brother, but with extra bodily thrash and kick on the backside. Often fished more aggressively, jointed jerkbaits are known to draw reaction strikes.

As the name implies, DAIWA’s newest hardbait also sinks at rest. Doing so gives you the authority to fish deeper water with a smaller lure. Whereas most lures this size run 2- to 3-feet deep, given time to sink after the cast, you can get the Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait to operate in deeper climes.

Applications for the Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait go well beyond bass, too. The versatile lure is a verifiable trout slayer. Upsized rainbows and carnivorous brown trout are qualified applicants for the jerkbait’s realistic looks and authentic action. Crappies, and even walleyes will also find favor in the Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait.

Get your best action and casting distance with DAIWA J-Braid Grand x8. DAIWA suggests a leaner weight like 6- or 8-pound strength tied to a covert fluorocarbon leader of J-Fluoro in 4- or 6-pound test. Add a snap to maximize action and facilitate quick lure changes. 

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Dr. Minnow Jointed Sinking Jerkbait FEATURES:

  • 2-inch length
  • Jointed body for maximum action
  • Weighs 7/64 ounces
  • Slow sinking to fish deeper in the water column
  • Molded eyes, gills, and scales
  • Narrow and durable bill
  • Premium #12 treble hooks

MSRP $9.99

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