KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse 13 Strand Braided Line Casts Into Fishing Line Market

Garden City, NY– KastKing, (kastking.com) a division of Eposeidon Outdoor, Inc., has introduced a new specially designed, extraordinary braided fishing line with 13 strands of Ultra-High Molecular UHMPE fiber — KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse. Using a sophisticated hybrid fiber and weaving process, KastKing created the smoothest, most supple and longest casting braided line for finesse, and other techniques. KastKing KastPro 13X-Finesse braid line is not only extremely thin, soft, smooth, and supple, but also has remarkable knot strength and straight-line breaking strength.   KastKing developed 13X-Finesse for spinning reels which require a more supple line with no memory but also work great on casting presentations.


KastKing has also produced a new 8-strand hybrid braided fishing line; KastKing KastPro 8X-Finesse. With almost identical characteristics of its 13-carrier twin, many anglers will opt to use KastPro 8X Finesse for its incredible value. Still soft, supple, quiet, long casting and great knot strength, 8X Finesse is a great option at a lower price.


“After years of development and testing, the new KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse and 8X Finesse Braided line will be one our most important new product introductions in 2021!” says Al Noraker, KastKing VP of Business Development.


“Finesse techniques with spinning gear are becoming incredibly important for anglers targeting a wide range of species from Bass to Walleye and more. They’ve needed a braided fishing line that delivers incredible casting distance, smooth and quiet performance through guides, industry leading sensitivity and ultra-thin diameters. KastPro X Finesse lines delivers on all these points and much more.


“Most finesse techniques require the use of a thin, no-stretch braid combined with a short to medium fluorocarbon leader. X Finesse excels in knot strength and tournament anglers testing this new braid have rated it the best they’ve used.”


On March 20, Tate Cui, Eposeidon-KastKing CEO said during a KastKing new product introduction event, ”…KastKing has launched KastPro 13X Finesse Braided Fishing Line. 13 strands of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, (UHMPE) fibers are crossed 36 times every inch (36 PPI) creating the smoothest, most supple and longest casting braided line for finesse techniques. 12 over 1 construction of KastPro 13X Finesse produces a perfectly round braid fishing line. It makes KastPro 13X’s surface as smooth and soft as mono line or fluorocarbon line. You can hardly see its PPI, which greatly reduces the friction through the fishing reel and the line guides of the fishing rod to deliver long, quiet casts…


“…Why is the diameter of the 13-stranded line thinner than the general four-stranded or 8-stranded line? The answer is simple. Customized UHMPE fiber and a unique weaving process. The fiber of KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse Braided Fishing Line is a type of special customized UHMPE fiber. This UHMPE fiber is 1/2 to 2/3 thinner than normal fibers, and the customized fiber is stronger and softer, and ‘fuzzing’ does not easily occur when weaving.


“Meanwhile, the weaving process must be very sophisticated. With 1 strand of fiber as the center core, the other 12 strands wrap tightly around the center core that creates a perfectly ‘full and round’ finished braid rather than quadrilateral like general 4-strand or 8-strand braided line.”


KastKing CMO Tom Gahan says, “You could call X Finesse a ‘Boutique fishing line’, but they are not specialty lines. KastKing KastPro X Finesse lines can be used across a wide range of applications for freshwater and saltwater fishing. By offering a quality braided line at an affordable price KastKing set the fishing world on fire with KastKing SuperPower braid, which has been the best-selling braided fishing line for years on Amazon. Our price points for the new 13X and 8X lines are extremely competitive. That makes these lines attractive to professional and recreational anglers, alike.


“We put 13X and 8X Finesse fishing lines in the hands of Pro Anglers to test: and here’s what they had to say…”


“KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse line is amazing! It’s the smoothest most sensitive line I’ve ever used, plus I can cast it a mile. This is gonna give me a competitive advantage!”  — Brent Chapman, 14-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, Bassmaster AOY 2012, Bass Pro Tour and Major League Fishing Angler


“Smoothness and quietness through the guides during casting and retrieves! The smoothness on how the line rolls off the reel when casting is unparalleled to other lines I have used in the past. The 8 -carrier is a game changer in the sensitivity department and will have other brands scratching their heads on how to match it!


“The thin diameter of the 8 carrier will help by being able to upsize line strength while remaining small enough to achieve greater depths with smaller baits,” — Chantry Cunning, Professional Walleye Angler


“The new KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse braid is by far the smoothest braid I have ever used, and the knot strength is amazing!” Richard Cooper – Professional Bass Angler, National Professional Bass League (NPFL)


“This KastKing KastPro 13X is now my go to line for Drop Shots and Ned Rigs. The line is easy to accurately cast to your target and is exceptionally smooth, you don’t feel any bumps. It does not make any sound while going through the guides. I really enjoy this line, it is very sleek. When you run this line between your fingers, it is unmatched! Kind of reminds me of running my hand over soft velvet! But it is very strong! I tried to break it on purpose and wasn’t able to! The line is thin but is very strong.” Sandi Roberts – Pro Bass Angler


“I’ve used almost every finesse braid out there and by far this braid is the best! Castability is insane and I get about 40% more casting distance with this line. It has an ultra-sensitive feel and great knot strength at the leader. I have used many products, but by far this is my new favorite.” — Riley Lawson – Pro Bass Angler


“With KastPro X Finesse, I’m able to cast small, light lures like a #5 Shad Rap into the wind and farther than ever before. I can’t believe how quiet it is going through the guides and the sensitivity is just fantastic.” — Kauro O’Bryan – Pro Bass Angler


“Growing up in South Louisiana I’ve never really had to “finesse” fish. These last couple of years I’ve had to learn how to adapt and get out of my comfort zone. The new KastPro X Finesse Braided Line has made it super easy to adapt. This stuff is super strong and extremely thin in diameter. It’s amazing how quiet it is going through guides, and the castability is unmatched! From skipping a wacky worm in the thickest brush to drop shotting in open water, the new X-Finesse braid by KastKing has really made it easy in boosting my confidence on the finesse side of the game.” — Blake Sylvester, 2021 BassMaster Classic Angler


 “I recently spooled up with white 10 lb. KastKing 13X Finesse braided line. My first impressions were how easily it was reeled through the guides and applied to the spinning reel. Once on the water I was using lighter finesse techniques. Using a small shaky head and drop shot I was incredibly pleased with how far these smaller baits could be cast with great accuracy. Not only did this small diameter braid cast far and was very smooth but had the sensitivity also to feel the slightest bottom change or bite was very well received. Not long into using this new braided line I was able to make an accurate cast next to a small rock, felt the light shaky head fall over a slight drop off, and felt a bass’s mouth slam shut on my bait. Using the 10 lb. line and in current I was curious at how this line would react to the strain of fighting a fish and fighting the current at the same time. Not long after my hook set, I was rewarded with a largemouth bass tipping the scales at just over 4 1/2 lbs. That was enough for me to be very satisfied with the main components of this new 13X Finesse braided line from KastKing. Castability, durability, sensitivity, and fish ability. These components all have a yes from me.”  — Ethen Preston, Owner/ Operator /Guide, Preston Outdoors


At this time KastPro 13X Finesse comes in two high-vis colors – white and chartreuse. It is also available in a moss green color on 150 yard spools from 6 lb. to 30 lb. breaking strength. KastPro 8X Finesse braid line is available in the same colors as 13X high-vis white and chartreuse, and moss green on 150 yard and 300 yard spools from 6 lb. to 30 lb. breaking strength.


KastKing KastPro Finesse fishing lines retail pricing is planned to start at $17.99 for 150 yd. 8X and $29.99 for 150 yd.13X. They will be available by the beginning of April, 2021 on kastking.com, Amazon.com, and TackleWarehouse.com.

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