KastKing Tripolymer Advanced Monofilament Sets A New Standard In Fishing Line

KastKing, focusing on innovating the way you fish, releases another revolutionary technology in sport fishing with TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament.

TriPolymer sets a new standard in fishing lines by using a proprietary tri-extrusion process. Three types of Nylon are incorporated into one revolutionary new line. Not fluorocarbon, Not monofilament, The best of both! KastKing TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament is the best of both.

Rex Nelson, Product Development Specialist for KastKing, explains the impetus behind the development of TriPolymer. “Although fluorocarbon lines are great fishing lines, we were looking for an alternative to fluorocarbon. The limited supply and high cost associated with the resin used to make fluorocarbon translate into higher prices for anglers. We set out to make a fishing line that had many of the same benefits that fluorocarbon offers, yet at a much better price point for the angler.”

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Nelson further explains the technology behind TriPolymer. “By combining three different nylon resins together into one monofilament line, a truly unique fishing line is created. The three nylon resins, being in the same chemical family, blend together perfectly during the manufacturing process. However, each resin has its own unique attributes that make the end result a truly amazing fishing line”.

“The tri-extrusion process starts with Nylon 6, which forms the core of KastKing’s TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament. Nylon 6 enables the line to remain soft and supple. We then introduce Nylon 6,6, the highest tenacity nylon, which gives TriPolymer its high strength. The last part of the extrusion introduces Nylon 12. Nylon 12 is the most durable nylon giving TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament its high abrasion resistance. The final result is a new standard in monofilament fishing line that will perform even under the toughest fishing conditions.

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KastKing TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament offers exceptional smoothness not found in traditional monofilament lines. The smoother surface reduces friction in the rod guides, allowing you to cast further. Coupled with lower memory, the result is greater casting distances and fewer issues such as line twist and backlashes. Precision wound spools further reduce line memory over standard monofilament lines.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of KastKing’s tri-extrusion process is low light refraction similar to that of fluorocarbon. Fish simply won’t see TriPolymer underwater! With a specific gravity of 1.21, KastKing’s TriPolymer Advanced monofilament is heavier than water, providing a considerably faster sink rate than monofilament. This allows the lures to get into the strike zone faster.

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Worried about line stretch? With a stretch factor that is approximately 30% lower than traditional monofilament, KastKing’s TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament allows you to feel even the slightest bites resulting in more immediate hook sets and fewer lost fish. Less line stretch, low visibility underwater, high abrasion resistance, and maximum casting distance. All of the benefits of a premium fluorocarbon, yet with an MSRP of $8.99 per spool, it’s significantly easier on your wallet.

KastKing TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament is offered in tests from 4 through 30 pound in 300-yard spools and 8 through 100 pound in ¼ LB spools. Available in three colors for any fishing condition: Sunrise Yellow, Ice Clear, and Max Green.

KastKing TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament. Not fluorocarbon, Not monofilament, The best of both!


  • Low light refraction
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Improved knot strength
  • Soft and supple for less line memory and smoother casting
  • Available tests from 4 through 100 pound
  • Available in 300-yard and ¼ LB spools
  • Three colors to choose from; Sunrise Yellow, Ice Clear and Max Green

Learn more about KastKing’s innovative new products by visiting Booth 5108 at ICAST 2023

For more information about KastKing and Tripolymer, contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com.

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