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Keeping Your Bass Boat In Tiptop Shape

Fishing is tough enough when bass refuse to bite, but it becomes even more exasperating when boat problems arise.

Properly and regularly maintaining the components of your bass rig will prevent boat problems from complicating your fishing trips.

Electrical issues are the most common boat problems caused by a lack of proper battery maintenance, according to Taylor Morris, a marine technician for the Boat WrX boat dealership in Osage Beach, Mo.   “The main problem is people don’t leave their boat on a charger when it’s not in use, and their batteries are dead, or the batteries are weak or don’t last too long,” Morris says.

Morris offers the best battery maintenance tip to charge your batteries at the end of your fishing tip and charge the batteries again right before your next day on the water. The type of batteries in your boat determines how much more maintenance is needed to prevent electrical issues. “If you have maintenance-free batteries, obviously that is a lot better, but if you have flooded lead acid batteries, you need to check up on the water levels in the batteries and add more distilled water if needed,” Morris says. The boat mechanic suggests that you check the battery water levels every six months.

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