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Kevin VanDam’s Top 5 Baits For September Bass Fishing

The jerkbait is one of VanDam’s top baits for all months, including September.
The jerkbait is one of VanDam’s top baits for all months, including September.

Michigan’s Kevin VanDam needs no introduction in bass fishing, as he’s widely considered the best to ever compete as a professional angler. But, even “KVD” has challenges during one of the most brutal months of the year for bass fishing. September can be challenging to catch bass because it’s a time of year that’s caught in the transition between summer and fall, and they can be spread throughout the water column.

“September is typically a very tough time to fish, especially in southern states where the water is still hot,” he said. “Overall, it’s a super tough time to go fishing, but the one caveat is if you fish a lake with a lot of grass because it can help keep fish confined and easier to target.”

VanDam says things, in general, are challenging because the fish are caught between different patterns.

“All in all, it can be challenging because the fish are just starting to transition into a fall pattern,” he said. “The biggest keys this time of year are to look for places where baitfish, primarily shad, are because that’s what they are keyed in on. If you can get a good window with some rain, maybe remnants of a tropical depression, you can find good fishing because it will suck those baitfish back into creeks and pockets and get a jumpstart on the good fall fishing.”

Of all the different lures available, VanDam narrowed it down to his Top 5 for September.

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