Keys Guides Opposes Cruise Ship Legislation

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Keys Guides Opposes Cruise Ship Legislation

Captain Will Benson, a Keys fishing guide who has won national recognition, is available for media interviews this week regarding his upcoming role in the Captains for Clean Water Florida Skiff Challenge. Captain Benson will showcase the environmental threat posed to the coral reef in Key West by Florida Senator Jim Boyd’s mega cruise ship legislation to remove size limitations on ships that Key West voters approved by overwhelming margins in three referendums last November. Captain Benson will talk about the water quality threat to Key West from the mega cruise ships and the recent FIU study that documents the water deterioration he has witnessed over the years as cruise ship sizes have continued to increase.

BACKGROUND: Captain Benson and the Key West Committee for Safer, Cleaner Ships are calling on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to stop statewide legislation by Sen. Jim Boyd, aimed at overturning voter referendums last fall to protect their coral reef system by limiting the size of cruise ships that visit their shores. Their #DontWrecktheReef digital advertising campaign contrasts images of the dirty water “Tallahassee wants” by overturning the local voter referendums to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Keys with video of what “Key West voted for this,” which is clean water and healthy marine life for locals and tourists to enjoy. View the #DontWreckTheReef Social Media ad here:
The Florida Skiff Challenge is April 8-11

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