Lake Erie Open Lake Angler Survey Update – July 2022

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Lake Erie Open Lake Angler Survey Update – July 2022

Angler effort in July 2022 was just below the 20-year average (88,534 angler-hours) but more than 20,000 angler hours over the effort seen last July. A large majority of July anglers (83%) targeted walleye.

Walleye: Daytime walleye angling effort was the 6th highest in the last 20 years, with 70,669 angler hours spent (average = 59,570 angler hours). July angling effort was distributed more evenly than in recent months, with Buffalo (27%), Barcelona (24%), and Cattaraugus Creek (21%) all accounting for at least twenty percent of the effort. Anglers targeting walleye harvested 4.4 fish per boat trip on average, with a catch rate of 0.47 fish per hour, the 3rd highest July catch rate for walleye in the last 20 years, behind only 2018 and 2019. About 10% of daytime walleye anglers achieved a 6-fish limit with an average size of 20.5 inches.

Smallmouth Bass: Effort in July (8,050 angler hours) was well below the 20-year average (13,490 angler hours), but higher than each of the past four years. Most (82%) of the bass fishing effort in July occurred out of Buffalo. The July bass fishing quality was well above average in 2022, with anglers targeting bass catching an average of 10 bass per boat trip with a catch rate of 1.01 fish per hour, the 2nd best catch rate for smallmouth bass in the last 20 years (July average = 0.64 fish per hour).

Yellow Perch: Yellow perch fishing effort was very low in July 2022, with only 2 perch angler interviews for the entire month.

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