Late Winter River Bass Tips

As day length increases, the typical angler’s desire to spend time on the water also increases. Endless late-winter fronts make spring-like fishing conditions slow to arrive, though, and lingering cold water can make bass fishing challenging.

Smaller rivers provide good early season bass fishing opportunities, and the fishing can “heat up” faster than on larger waters. These tips can help you fish smaller rivers effectively this time of year.

Know Your Fishing Location

When fishing a river in late winter, choosing the right location is essential, and that begins with knowing the river or creek you are fishing. Wintertime is not the best time to go into unfamiliar situations. Often during later winter, creeks and rivers can be a bit low unless there have been recent rains or snow melt. If the river is high or has much runoff, be sure you can navigate it safely before planning a fishing outing.

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