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LDWF Publishes 2021 Bass Tournament Results

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) announces the Louisiana Annual Tournament Report and Information Project (LATRIP).  LATRIP is a pilot project compiling voluntarily submitted bass tournament data.  The 2021 report focuses on waterbodies from northwest/northcentral Louisiana and is being used to gauge interest in expanding the effort statewide.

Information used for this report was voluntarily submitted by bass clubs for analysis by LDWF. The full report can be viewed at:

If expanded to a statewide project, the data will be used to track trends in bass angling success rates over time and promote Louisiana’s quality fisheries.  The report tracks several metrics, such as the average number of bass weighed per boat, the average bag weight per boat, the percentage of boats with 10+ pound bags, etc., and compares the results for different waterbodies.  A couple of example charts are shown below:


Latrip 2

LDWF would like your opinion on expanding LATRIP to cover more areas of the state for 2022.  For more information regarding LATRIP or if your bass tournament organization is interested in submitting data for the project, please contact Jeff Sibley, District 1 Biologist Manager, at (318)-371-5294 or

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