Lithium Pros® New 75ah Trolling Battery Provides an All-In-One Solution for Serious Anglers

Knoxville, TN – Offering boating anglers weight relief, long runtime, and an on-the-water recharging option, the new M3275-36 38.4V 75Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery from Lithium Pros® extends that all-important time on the water. The battery provides as much power as three typical Group 31 marine AGM batteries – and since those batteries weigh as much as 76 lbs, the new 46 lb Lithium Pros battery amounts to a saving of more than 180 lbs, preserving fuel on the run for all day fishing.

The M3275-36 Lithium Ion Trolling Battery features 173 reserve minutes of usable energy, or enough for a full day’s use under normal conditions (50% setting on a Minn Kota motor and 50% duty cycle). This means anglers can troll all day on just one battery, a dramatic improvement over lead acid models. Measuring 12.9 in. L x 10.5 in. H x 7.1 in. W, the battery has the same footprint as a single typical Group 31 battery plus an inch in height, so it fits neatly in most marine battery trays.

Easy-to-use trolling motors are indispensable for quietly accessing and moving in shallow water. They have traditionally been powered by bulky, heavy 12V lead acid batteries that needed frequent charging and had limited lifespans. Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and lighter, charge faster, run longer on a charge, and typically last as long as ten years. Lead acid batteries usually have a lifespan of around three years.

This new Li-Ion battery can be recharged from the outboard engine’s charging system using an optional Lithium Pros on-board charger or another system, such as the CHARGE from PowerPole, creating the potential for virtually unlimited power.

All-day trolling power in just one-third the space and weight of traditional trolling motor batteries give recreational and competition anglers a significant advantage. Lithium Pros new M3275-36 battery is the one battery you need for the boat for all-day, worry-free trolling on the water!

M3275-36 Features:

  • Replaces three typical Group 31 marine AGM batteries
  • Allows for all-day trolling
  • Fits neatly in most marine battery trays
  • 10-year lifespan
  • Rechargeable from the outboard engine’s charging system

M3275-36 Specs:

  • 38.4 V
  • 75 ah
  • 46 lb weight
  • 73 reserve minutes
  • 12.9 in. L x 10.5 in. H x 7.1 in. W

MSRP – $2,599

About Lithium Pros

Lithium Pros was founded in 2011 and focuses on building lithium-ion batteries with the specific purpose to replace lead-acid batteries for use in demanding applications. They strive to uphold the ideals detailed in their mission statement: “Through constant innovation, create high-power lithium-ion battery packs that are safe, easy to install, and start an engine like nothing else.”

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