Looking to go on a Family Fishing Adventure?

Fishing with family or friends makes memories that can last a lifetime. Outdoor adventure, fishing excitement, and the sharing of nature and its natural resources is the perfect combination for making cherished memories. How about visiting your National Forests which provide many great natural resources, including streams, lakes, and rivers that are accessible to everyone! Your National Forests also provide many great trails for hiking and biking, campgrounds, and open spaces for shooting and hunting activities. 

The possibilities and opportunities in your National Forests are nearly endless! We encourage you to take advantage of it because it is all for you to enjoy. For more information visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/

Click the video below to discover how a kid, his dad, and grandpa use one of the oldest methods of fishing to catch 30 fish in half an hour in Alaska, America’s Last Frontier! Also, watch the classroom videos to learn more about Earth’s aquatic ecosystems and how our National Forests play a vital role in keeping planet earth healthy.

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