Lunkerhunt New Product Release

Hive Micro Relic

lunkerhunt MicroRellic Slide

The Hive Micro Relic features deep ribbing throughout its body, which increases the amount of time a fish will hold on to this creature-style micro bait. The two claw-like appendages are divided to increase action, and its wispy stinger tail undulates with the slightest of movements. If you want to check out more of Lunkerhunt Hive Micro series click the link HERE.

Hive Micro Stash (Sprout Post)

lunkerhunt MicroStash Slide

The Lunkerhunt Hive Micro Stash is simple in nature, but deadly in action. The spherical ends of both arms create a wacky-style wobble when worked vertically in the water column on a jig or drop-shot rig. Whether letting this bait rise and fall in long sweeping motions, or creating smaller vertical jigging actions, the Micro Stash generates strikes. Coming Soon! If you want to check out Lunkerhunt’s other Micro Hive baits the link HERE.

Hive NED Drone

lunkerhunt ned drone

Coming soon: The Lunkerhunt Hive NED Drone pairs one of the hottest fishing styles with Lunkerhunt’s patented Ultra Durable Soft Plastic (U.S.D.P) These lures can withstand the stretching and pulling from the relentless teeth of predator fish.

The U.D.S.P material brings you a floating soft plastic that can be fished longer before needing to change your rig, keeping your bait in the water longer. If you want to start fishing with the HIVE series now check out the Typhon, Micro Typhon and Tandem tailer HERE.


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