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Maine’s 2021–2035 Statewide Fisheries and Hatcheries Management Plan

The 2021-2035 Fisheries Strategic Plan is the culmination of several years of planning, coordination, and public engagement. The plan’s goals and overall content were developed based on input received through a comprehensive angler survey, expertise and experience of Division staff, input from technical subcommittees, and a public review of the fully drafted plan.  In addition, all work completed throughout this planning process was periodically reviewed and guided by a steering committee comprised of a diverse group of public stakeholders.

This plan will be effective for 15 years (2021–2035) and will be integrated into the Division’s work programs to support attainment of plan goals. These goals were developed based on the current status of fisheries and associated conservation and management needs and therefore may need to be revised and updated within the 15-year planning period in response to unanticipated changes or threats.

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