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Managing Migratory Fish in the Hudson River Estuary

Estuaries are among the most productive of Earth’s ecosystems, and the Hudson River estuary is no exception. The Hudson’s signature migratory and resident species—Atlantic sturgeon, river herring, striped bass, blue crab, and shortnose sturgeon—depend on rare and important tidal habitat for spawning, feeding, and wintering. The Hudson River Estuary Action Agenda 2021-2025establishes specific measures to conserve, protect, and restore these signature species and their valuable habitat.

DEC’s Hudson River Marine Fisheries staff have been managing the migratory and resident fishes of the estuary since the 1980s through numerous long-term monitoring surveys. Long-term data are extremely valuable for documenting population trends over time, as they can reveal patterns in abundance not evident from single-survey events or short-term studies. Migratory species are managed in collaboration with other coastal states through the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). The status of each major species has been very dynamic, influenced by local and coastal conditions. Read about one of this year’s significant research findings and new developments below.

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