Meet The Ultimate Fishing Line for Slow Pitch Jigging

How do you make fish bite when they’re not actively feeding? One answer to fishing’s greatest quandary traces its roots to Norihiro Sato, a Japanese deep-water specialist and the originator of slow pitch jigging (SPJ). Now exploding in popularity, slow pitch jigging is a technique of nearly limitless fish-triggering potential, practiced by saltwater anglers across Florida and the Gulf Coast, the West Coast, and into fertile European seas. The highly effective SPJ presentation provides an intimate connection uniting anglers, jigs, and hooked fish through a thin, lightweight line. Now, TUF-LINE – an American manufacturer of premium fishing lines for over 80 years – introduces BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID: A unique braided line specifically engineered for slow pitch jigging excellence that will exceed the expectations of every SPJ angler.

Slow pitch jigging offers an exciting alternative to traditional speed jigging techniques. Fishing vertically, anglers rhythmically swim and dance a slow pitch jig within a portion of the water column, eliciting aggressive strikes by expertly mimicking the final struggles of a wounded baitfish. SPJ enthusiasts achieve these enticing motions by combining undulating rod movements with subtle reel actions, casting an attack-provoking spell that few undersea predators can resist.

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TUF-LINE designed BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID by recognizing the unique demands of the slow pitch jigging presentation, creating an extremely thin, strong, and sensitive line that expertly links angler, jig, and fish. Wound with Close Angle Braid Technology using micro polyethylene fibers, 8-carrier BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID maximizes lure control by reducing the ability of wind and multi-layered ocean currents to create slack or to sweep the jig out of the strike zone. At the same time, no-stretch BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID is exceptionally strong – with the highest strength to weight ratio in its class – delivering superior tensile and knot strength to win toe-to-toe battles with saltwater giants. Innovative BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID is color-metered in 25-foot increments to help anglers achieve precision depth control. Thanks to TUF-LINE’s proprietary coating process and Tension Lock Technology, BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID has outstanding abrasion resistance, extraordinary sensitivity, exceptional manageability, and incredible color-fastness that won’t fade or bleed. Manufactured in the USA, BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID is the first and only line designed specifically for slow pitch jigging, and checks all the boxes to provide the critical link anglers need to hoist denizens from the deep.

To be unveiled at ICAST 2022, BLUE WATER SPJ BRAID is slow pitch jigging’s secret weapon. Now, all anglers can leverage TUF-LINE’s design and engineering legacy to catch more and bigger fish on every slow pitch jigging adventure.

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  • Eight-carrier micro PE construction for a smooth finish and round profile
  • 100% No-stretch for unparalleled sensitivity
  • Micro line diameters for unrelenting lure control
  • Highest strength to diameter ratio in its class
  • Superior tensile strength with outstanding abrasion resistance and zero memory
  • Excellent knot strength for robust line-to-leader connections
  • Perfectly-tuned suppleness for exceptional line management
  • Smooth and quiet through the line guides
  • Even line lay on the retrieve
  • Color metered in 25-foot increments for precise depth control
  • Offered in 15-, 20-, and 30-pound-test sizes
  • Available in 200, 300, and 600-meter spools
  • Manufactured in the United States of America


Founded in 1938, TUF-LINE (The Ultimate Fishing Line) set out to change the industry standards. Leveraging more than 80 years of continuous evolution, TUF-LINE is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance premium braided fishing lines. Pioneering the first-ever UHMWPE braided line, TUF-LINE continues to redefine what makes a line strong. Through years of experience and persistence, TUF-LINE continues to manufacture exceptional products that connect anglers with success across the globe. Known as the industry leader in textile braiding, TUF-LINE has grown consistently along with its reputation of unwavering quality.

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