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More Casting Distance And Accuracy

The number one thing you can do to improve your casting ability, and that's to practice.

One often-overlooked aspect of bass fishing is simply casting accurately and at the proper distance. These tips will speed up the process and help you catch more fish.

All right, so you want to improve your casting distance and accuracy. Yeah, you do. I’ve heard this by a lot of people ask this all the time. How can you improve casting accuracy and distance? So let’s talk about some of that things.

First of all, let’s talk about the main thing you can do, the number one thing you can do to improve your casting ability, and that’s to practice. Now what I mean by that, the thing about bass fishing, pretty much everything you do and how to do stuff is on the water. But casting, you can do it off the water. So do it in your backyard or go to a park if you don’t have access to a backyard. But I remember doing this when I was a kid. My dad set up paper plates out in the backyard or cans. And you just target. You just practice over and over and over, casting at that target, getting better and better at it. And you move it at different locations, further away.

The more you do that, the idea is to be consistent and just keep doing it until you can get on that plate every time at different distances. Once you get that, then you wanna take it up a notch, and the way to do that is to try to get it to land on the paper plate without bouncing. That’s really hard to do, especially if you’re doing an overhand cast. But the minimal amount of bouncing is what you want. You control that with your thumb as it gets close to the plate. You lift up on the rod tip a little bit while giving it some more thumb to slow it down, and you can get it to land with very little bounce.

That translates to a nice quiet entry when you’re on the water with your baits. And a lot of times, that’s the difference between catching fish or not. If you can get a subtle entry into the water, that’ll intrigue the bass instead of scaring them. Because if you’re making this big cast up in the air, boom, big splash down, it’s like you’re throwing rocks at them. Now, my father nowadays when we go fishing, he’s like, “Well, I’m getting their attention.” I’m like, “Well, how many fish have you caught so far? Yeah, it’s not so much.” So you want that subtle entry.

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