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More Page Views, Engaged Followers at

If you look around the Internet trying to learn anything about fishing or keep up with the latest trends and products, you have certainly come across  Since 1996 (yes, this makes it the first ever bass fishing website), Glenn May and his team have worked hard to deliver quality content and stay on top of the latest news and trends for their followers.


Every website out there can give you statistics and their pitch usually starts out with something like, “We are #1 at (insert almost anything here)…”  You can slice the numbers however you want.  However, Glenn May at BassResource knows that, for any advertiser, engagement is key.


“Since our site relaunch back in November of 2020, 80-90% of our followers are returning,” May says.  “In addition, we have had a 68% increase in page views and our bounce rate has dropped 98% to below 1%. This is important because it means our followers are highly engaged. They are reading multiple pages throughout the site with each visit, and bookmarking our site to return for even more”, he explains.


In addition to the staggering amount of useful content, offers the only dedicated bass fishing forum in the country, and the largest in the world.


“This has become an amazing way for our advertising partners to personally engage with our audience,” says Davy Taff, Head of Advertising Sales for the site.  “We offer everything a fishing enthusiast would expect from an industry leader, but the forums allow our partners an opportunity to reach our large audience of bass anglers on a more personal level, and in a way that no other site can offer,” says Davy. “Whether it be a partner communicating with them directly or through one of our trusted moderators, the forums allow a way to showcase their products and see immediate results.”


Through the first three months of the year, is seeing more traffic than its largest competitors and offers a much more affordable buy.  To partner with BassResource, contact Davy Taff at [email protected] or at 334/546-0020.