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Mountain Dew to Award $5,000 Outdoors Grants to Nonprofits

MTN DEW Outdoor Grants is a grant program that provides support to nonprofit organizations and projects that help the great outdoors.

The MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program began in 2020 as a way to support local community nonprofit organizations in need while they weathered a difficult year. We wanted to give back to those who help to protect and preserve the outdoors and ensure that DEW Nation can continue to pursue their passions.

Last year, we awarded twenty (20) $5,000 grants ($100,000) to Heartland conservation and outdoor-focused organizations. In 2021, the MTN DEW Outdoors Grants program is doubling its commitment to the great outdoors by awarding FORTY $5,000 grants ($200,000 total) nationwide to outdoor-focused organizations that protect, preserve and support outdoor participation.

How can I apply? Do I have to meet certain criteria in order to apply?

To apply for one of the $5,000 grants, you can either apply as a representative of your own outdoor-focused organization or nominate an outdoor-focused organization of your choice. To be considered, organizations must be registered with 501(c)(3) status.

This year, we are looking for entries from nonprofit organizations that do great work in the following areas:

  • Conservation: Projects that help restore natural environments or keep outdoor recreational spaces protected. Examples include restoring a local wildlife habitat or a hiking trail clean-up.
  • Participation: Projects that lead inclusive outings or encourage more people to participate in outdoor activities. Examples include coordinating an all-women hunting trip or helping to secure licenses to increase outdoor activities.
  • Access: Projects that provide increased or continued access to the great outdoors in local communities. Examples include restoring a public trail leading to local hunting grounds or repairing a public dock.

To apply, visit from October 4, 2021 at 9:00 AM Central Time (“CT”) through November 8, 2021 at 11:59 PM Central Time (“CT”), and follow the prompts provided on the website.

How long does the application period run for?

The submission period for the 2021 MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program runs from October 4, 2021 at 9:00 AM Central Time (“CT”) through November 8, 2021 at 11:59 PM Central Time (“CT”).

Can I nominate my own organization, or should I nominate on behalf of another organization? Does one give me a better chance of scoring a grant over the other?

As part of the application process, you can either apply as an organization or nominate an organization of your choice. To be considered, organizations and/or their projects must have a focus on the outdoors and qualify as a 501(c)(3).

When it comes to scoring a grant, there’s no increased advantage to applying as your own organization or on behalf of one. If you nominate an organization, MTN DEW will contact that organization to confirm its 501(c)(3) status, which will complete the application.

What type of organizations are eligible for the grants program?

Organizations and/or their project must be a 501(c)(3) with an overarching focus on the outdoors. If the organization focuses on conservation of outdoor spaces, increases participation in outdoor activities, or facilitates access to the outdoors, we want to hear about it!

How does the application process work?

Once you visit, you’ll be guided through the application process via our online prompts. We’ll ask you a series of questions including how the organization supports the outdoors, which grant category the organization belongs in, and what outdoor challenge the organization is addressing.

You’ll receive an email confirming your submission once you’ve completed the application process.

How will the entries be judged?

Each entry will be judged by a panel and ranked on a point scale using the following criteria:

  • Authenticity and Creativity (0-20 points)
  • Local Community Impact (0-30 points)
  • Influence on Outdoor Conservation or Participation (0-50 points)

Will the organizations be notified if they are a finalist or winner?

Following the judging period, we will reach out to the potential winners to confirm their 501(c)(3) status and acceptance of the award. We expect this to occur in mid-December 2021.

When will MTN DEW announce the winners of the $5,000 grants?

We’ll announce the grant winners in early 2022.

Can I enter the MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program more than once?

The rules and regulations stipulate that only one entry per person/email address is permitted for the duration of the Program Entry Period. The rules and regulations also stipulate that there may only be only one entry per organization submitted by a Nominee for the duration of the Program Entry Period.

If I was a 2020 MTN DEW Outdoor Grant winner, can I enter this year?

Yes, if you were a recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Sponsor in 2020, you may enter this year’s program.

How many $5,000 grants is MTN DEW giving out as part of the program?

The MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program will be providing forty (40) grants ( $200,000 in total).

If my organization receives a grant, will I be required to use the grant money a certain way?

When submitting your application, we’ll ask how your organization plans to use the money so that the judges can understand how the money will benefit the outdoors. It’s our hope that the $5,000 grant funds will be used as stated in the application within one calendar year. However, there will be no official oversight of how the grant is spent once provided. We trust that qualifying organizations will remain true to their original intentions.


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