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Must-Have Bass Fishing Gear And Accessories

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Bass fishing, and fishing in general, is a hobby with many tools, accessories, and gadgets. It is a never-ending quest for something that will solve a problem or make our lives easier by allowing us to be more efficient on the water. There are plenty of ways to spend your hard-earned money. Some of these items might not be worth it, but the following are things that are worth taking a look into as they can significantly improve your efficiency and organization.


There are a few must-have tools for any angler, and this includes things like pliers to remove hooks and something to cut your line after retying. For cutting line, there are many ways to do it, and you can often do fine with a pair of nail clippers or scissors, but for efficiency and for cutting braided lines, there are better options.

One of the best ways to cut braid, as well as fluorocarbon or monofilament, is with a specialized pair of cutters like the Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter. These are great for cutting line and will even cut braided line in a slack position, meaning you don’t have to pull it tight to get an excellent, clean cut. They are reasonably priced and have withstood the abuse of bouncing around in a boat for a few seasons without showing any decreased cutting power.

Another option is the various snips from Boomerang Tool Company. They do a great job cutting all lines and are very easy to use. One good tip is to utilize the clip on your boat, life vest, or tackle bag. They feature a retractable leash so you can pull it closer to you and then retract back for easy storage.

Line Management

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Fishing line is something we all carry when we go fishing because you never know when you’ll need to re-spool on the water. If you’ve ever had to put a new line on while fishing, you know that it can be a challenge. One great way to eliminate some of those hassles is to attach a DD26 Spool Stix to your boat. It’s a simple device that holds your reel spool while you reel new line onto your reel. You can do it without assistance from a fishing buddy, and the Spool Stix folds back in when not in use.

Another simple but easy way to manage your spools of line is the Dr. C Fishing Line Dr. It’s an elastic band with a brass grommet for your line. It can be adjusted to any spool and does a great job of keeping your line in place without unraveling. If you loosen it just right, you can pull out the line you need for a leader with ease. It’s a handy accessory that will make your life easier and more organized.

For removing line, you can pull and pull until all of your line is removed, but the Berkley Line Stripper Max is much faster. It attaches to your drill, and you can remove the line from a reel in an instant. When done, pull off the base, and the line will be right there for easy disposal.

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