Mustang Survival Announces New Recreational Gear

Burnaby, BC – Despite the Canadian border remaining closed, Mustang Survival®, the North American brand known for innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, will be exhibiting at ICAST July 20-23, 2021, and is currently scheduling booth appointments for media.

With the brand’s two recent acquisitions of MTI and Ocean Rodeo, Mustang Survival is now positioned as not only the pinnacle safety brand for the world’s most authentic off-shore users including the Coast Guard, commercial fishermen and competitive sailors, but recreational boaters and paddlers as well will soon be even more familiar with this water safety pioneer.

Samples are available and you will most certainly walk away with some nice personal swag items to help make the rest of your summer even better.


MIT 150

The new MIT 150 Convertible PFD from Mustang Survival is the newest member of the tried-and-true MIT (Membrane Inflatable Technology) range of products. The MIT 150 is now the highest buoyancy vest in the best-selling MIT Collection, for those wanting the extra security or who are venturing further offshore. It can be converted between automatic and manual-only inflation modes, depending on the scenario for maximum versatility. MSRP:  MIT 150 Convertible PFD — USD $199.99/ CDN $249.99


Callan Waterproof Top

Lightweight, packable and versatile, the Callan™ Waterproof Top from Mustang Survival is a must-have in the case of foul weather. Neoprene neck and wrist seals keep water out, while a single-hand pocket allows you to keep small items secure. MSRP: Callan Waterproof Top — USD $249.99/ $299.99 CDN

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Taku Dry Top & Dry Bibs

After 30 years of crafting technical apparel that keeps elite professionals safe, Mustang Survival is leveraging that knowledge and technology for the uncompromising recreational user to help them go farther and longer on their water adventures. Mustang Survival has borrowed from its military and professional product lines to design a next-level line of recreational in-water apparel including the new men’s and women’s Taku Dry Bibs and men’s Taku Dry Top. Designed at the Mustang Waterlife Studio and tested with professionals, the brand’s apparel is made to withstand anything that lakes, rivers and oceans can spray at adventurers.

The Men’s Taku Dry Bibs offer dry performance for those looking for the versatility of a two-piece system. A hidden Undercurrent™ Neoprene Inner Skirt seals water out while staying out of the way, and 500D CORDURA fabric in the seat, knees and socks ensure your bibs don’t quit before you do. MSRP: Men’s Taku Dry Bibs — USD $459.99/ CDN $569.99

The Women’s Taku Dry Bibs offer dry performance for those looking for the versatility of a two-piece system. A hidden Undercurrent™ Neoprene Inner Skirt seals water out while staying out of the way, and 500D CORDURA fabric in the seat, knees and socks ensure your bibs don’t quit before you do. MSRP:  Women’s Taku Dry Bibs — USD $429.99/ CDN $539.99

The Taku Dry Top is a lightweight, waterproof option for any paddling mission. When paired with the Taku Dry Bibs, it offers excellent dry performance with the versatility of being a two-piece system. Trimmable latex gaskets on the neck and wrists provide a customizable watertight seal. The Women’s Taku Dry Bibs are also intended to be paired with the Taku Dry Top to create a versatile dry system.

So is there only a Men’s version of the top? The Men’s Taku Dry Top has an extended size range to accommodate more users. MSRP:  Men’s Taku Dry Top — USD $449.99/ CDN $569.99

Vibe Foam Vest

For years Mustang Survival’s recreational product offering revolved around three key activities: fishing, sailing and paddling. In 2020, the brand expanded its offering and expertise in paddling foam flotation by bringing U.S. PFD expert MTI (Marine Technologies International) into the Mustang family. New for 2022, the formerly MTI-designed Vibe, APF and Destiny vests are now updated to align with the Mustang family of PFDs. The Explorer V and Underdog are new additions, expanding this growing collection of recreational PFDs. Mustang Survival now offers foam PFDs for everyone – from weekend warriors to performance-minded racers – engineered for function and safety, and designed for all-day comfort.

The Vibe is a pull-over vest that offers excellent range of motion and 15.8 LBS of buoyancy, ideal for sailing or paddling. Its low-profile, open sided chassis offers freedom of movement and added ventilation, while a single mesh front pocket stores essentials, with a durable yet soft 200D nylon shell and Z-Strap cinch system for comfortable secure fit. MSRP:  Vibe Foam Vest — USD $99.99/ CDN $139.99

Explorer V Foam Vest

 With its heavy-duty construction, the Explorer V foam vest is designed for commercial whitewater outfitters and private float parties. A headrest attachment is double reinforced, and key load-bearing areas are reinforced with industrial-strength box stitching for added peace of mind. MSRP:  Explorer V Foam Vest — USD $134.99/ CDN $179.99

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50 FT Bailer Throw Bag

The Mustang Survival Bailer Throw Bag is a must-have for those moments when you or a paddling buddy goes overboard. Featuring an aerodynamic football-shaped throw bag, it’s designed for easier throwing and safe extraction. The Bailer Throw Bag’s quarter-inch, 50-foot rope is heavy-duty, with a max breaking point of 1,200 lbs. MSRP: 50 ft. Bailer Throw Bag — USD $64.99/ CDN $87.99

Mustang Survival is positioned to carry its undisputed leadership in offshore safety to new genres and new generations of watersport enthusiasts globally. Schedule your appointment or come see us at booth #1600.

About Mustang Survival

Established in 1967 by Irv Davies, the inventor of the world’s first Floater™ Coat, Mustang Survival has been designing and manufacturing lifesaving solutions for more than 50 years.  Through constant innovation and inspired technical solutions, Mustang Survival strives to bolster performance, encourage exploration, and inspire adventure in the marine environment. We are committed to the protection and enhancement of those who push themselves to extremes whether for work, duty, or to escape the daily grind.  Headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Mustang Survival has more than 250 associates across the US and Canada.  For more information, visit

About The Wing Group

The Wing Group is privately owned and led by President and CEO Andrew Branagh and includes Wing Inflatables, Henshaw Inflatables, Patten Company, FabTek Industries and Mustang Survival.  The Wing Group is the industry leader in manufacturing sponsons, inflatable craft, and much more.  For over 30 years Wing’s first in the field innovative use of polyurethane and pioneering new technology have led to the development of sponsons and boats that are lighter, last longer, look better and outperform our competition.  The Wing Group has built an unparalleled reputation for providing professional inflatables solutions whether for a private yacht management company requiring an expeditionary craft, a military detachment operating a fixed-wing airframe requiring automatically deployed personnel life rafts, or a special forces unit that depends on the best performing combat rubber raiding craft.

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