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New Children’s Book Teaches Patience, Perseverance, and Appreciation for Wildlife

“Tackle Box Troubles” follows the story of an eager fishing bait named Sammy Spinner. Sammy and the other lures in the tackle box, Bucky Bucktail, Francis Frog, and Suki Suick, all have one goal, to catch big fish. Sammy quickly learns catching fish that live in Northwoods Lakes could take thousands of casts. Sammy is dragged through chilly water filled with long grasses, slimy weeds, sunken logs, and lily pads that hide all types and sizes of fish.

“I love spending time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,” Duke said. “Having multiple unfortunate incidents with my lures while fishing inspired me to write this book. My hope is young readers will learn that fishing isn’t catching, and there will be times when the lures seem to get hooked into lots of items in a lake other than the fish they are trying to catch.”

The tackle box lures give fishing tips and teach Sammy how a proper figure eight gives him a better chance at catching fish. Together they teach readers fishing best practices and the importance of catch and release fishing.

“This is a book that can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts of all ages,” Duke said. “I want to help readers enjoy the sport of locating and catching fish and remind them to take time to appreciate their surroundings while fishing.”

“Tackle Box Troubles: Fish Tale #1: Sammy Spinner”
By Susan Duke
ISBN: 9781669823544 (softcover); 9781669823537 (electronic)
Available at XlibrisUSAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Susan Duke enjoys life most on the water during the summer. She is a devoted special education teacher in Northbrook, Ill., and lives in McHenry County. She loves traveling to the Northwoods of Wisconsin every summer to spend time fishing with her husband, Adam, and their dogs. Hours of fishing, and interesting experiences on the water, gave Duke the idea of creating fun stories about fishing lures getting into trouble, both in and out of the water. For more information, please visit

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