New Gamakatsu JDM Jigs

Gamakatsu JDM King Cobra Jig

The JDM King Cobra Jig is built around the Gamakatsu 60-degree Nano Alpha hook, which offers plenty of gap width combined with a shorter shank, giving it a compact look. A matte finish, chip resistant painted head in a “Cobra Shape” allows the jig to stand up in a natural defensive posture and prevents the jig from rolling over. Add a hand tied, high contrast skirt, and this jig is about as realistic as you can get. No detail was overlooked in the design of this high quality JDM jig which features a dual wire keeper for plastic trailers, thicker weed guard to prevent snags, and a recessed line tie. The JDM King Cobra jig is available in five sizes ranging from 3/16 oz – 3/4 oz and three hook sizes from 2/0 – 4/0 in six unique JDM style craw colors.

New Gamakatsu JDM Jigs 1

Gamakatsu JDM Swimming Shot Neo Swim Jig

The JDM Swimming Shot Neo Swim Jig is second to none when it comes to detail and quality. Built around the ultra-sharp 30-degree Nano Alpha Hook, this swim jig features a slightly longer shank which increases hook ups on short strikes. The head design minimizes hang ups, is chip resistant, and painted in a matte finish. An 8-strand weed guard matches this swim jig allowing it to slip through cover with ease. The JDM Swimming Shot Neo Swim Jig is available in three sizes ranging from ¼ oz – ½ oz with a size 4/0 hook in six exclusive JDM style colors.

Swimming Shot Neo Sexy Shad
New Gamakatsu JDM Jigs 2

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