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New Issue of Bass Angler Magazine Now Available

And just like that, we flip over the calendar yet again. New year. New techniques. New tricks. New baits. New tips. It’s all here and ready for you.

Have you considered lithium batteries, but for whatever reason didn’t pull the trigger? Miles “Sonar” Burghoff addresses some of the more common FAQs.

How often has your own lake opened a can o’ whoop-ass on ya during a tournament? The home-lake curse is often credited for failure … but it doesn’t have to be.

B.A.S.S. AOY Seth Feider discusses his legendary season and how he remained focused throughout the ups and downs of the tour this year.

From fishing a dam’s tailrace with Brandon Palaniuk to PFDs and boating safety with Ott DeFoe. From the West Coast APEX tour to jigging spoons. Jerkbaits to hair jigs. Winter cranking to dead-sticking.

Whatever information you may need to up your game during this time of the year, BAM’s Winter 2021/2022 issue has got it covered.

Bass Angler Magazine profiles the latest seasonal tips, techniques, and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Now everyone can catch fish like a pro, regardless of the season.

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