New Pendulate Jighead and Other New Lures from Big Bite Baits

The ultimate forward-facing sonar jighead is now available. The Pendulate Jig was designed for use with forward facing sonar techniques to help you better present your soft plastics in those situations. Many times, when using forward facing sonar you may be dropping baits to as deep as 50ft plus. As your jighead rigged with a plastic falls it will commonly spin and create line twist. After continued drops your line will become more and more twisted making it more difficult to use. The Pendulate Jighead features an innovative design where a swivel is molded directly into the head of the jig to prevent line twist. By having, the swivel molded directly into the jighead and one end used as the line tie, it creates a smaller profile for the jighead, thus making for a more natural appearance in clear water or when targeting pressured fish. Another added benefit of the molded in swivel is that the eye will spin when under strain from a fish, allowing them to apply less pressure when hooked. The Pendulate features a custom Gamakatsu hook that has a larger gap and acute bend to provide greater holding power. It also has a molded wire keeper to hold plastics and a large reflective eye to attract all species. Hand painted powder coated paint and clear coat finishes provide realistic baitfish patterns to match any soft plastic color.
Key Features
  • Molded in swivel eliminates line twist when the jig is falling
  • Custom Gamakatsu hook with large gap and acute bend to provide greater holding power
  • Wire plastics keeper
  • Sizes: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8 oz
  • Colors: Bare Shad, Alewife, Shad, Shore Minnow
  • Pack count: 3pk
  • Availability: August 1
  • MSRP: $5.99


Big Bite continues to provide anglers with new products to catch more fish with forward facing sonar techniques. The Hybrid Swimmer combines the benefits of a swim bait and minnow style bait into one shape. The unique tail design provides a fork tail minnow profile on the top half and a swimbait tail on the lower part. This gives anglers a realistic baitfish profile for their jigheads and allows them to still have the benefits of a paddle tail style swimmer. The reduced paddle tail design provides a more subtle swimming action than a traditional boot tail which is great for when a more finesse approach is required. This versatile design allows it to easily be vertically jigged or casted. The body design has been slimmed down from a traditional paddle style swimbait as well, so that it moves through the water more quickly and drops to your targeted species faster. It comes in lengths of 3.3”and 3.8” packaged in a clam shell to insure it is always straight and the tails are protected.  It is available in eight baitfish patterns to match any bait throughout the country. A perfect match for our Pendulate Jighead.
  •         Sizes: 3.3” and 3.8”
  •         Eight colors
  •         Pack count: 3.3”- 7pk, 3.8” – 6pk
  •         Availability: August 15
  •         MSRP: $6.99


Big Bite has added two more sizes of the popular Swimon for 2021. The first new size is 2.75” and is a perfect choice  for anglers targeting magnum crappie and will fit any jighead. The second new size is 3.75” and was designed for a spinnerbait trailer or finesse vibrating jig trailer. This size is slimmer than the pervious 4.25” size. Both of these new sizes feature the vertical baitfish profile tail that provides a kicking action when retrieved at any speed. The unique holes and ridges create the kicking action as the bait is pulled thru the water. These two new sizes give anglers a total of four sizes to match the hatch, target numerous species and pair with any rig.
  • Sizes: 2.75” and 3.75”
  •         16+ colors
  •         Pack count: 2.75”- 8pk, 3.75” – 7pk
  •         Availability: August 1
  •         MSRP: $2.69 and $3.99



Big Bite has added a new jighead to their current line up over 30+ current styles. This new head designed in conjunction with bass professional Clifford “the Golden Ram” Pirch is made for Ned style rigging. It features a strong and compact Gamakatsu hook that won’t bend to any bass. The head has a double molded collar to hold plastics and is powder coated with black and green pumpkin durable paint jobs.
  •        Sizes: 1/16 oz, 3/16oz, 1/4 oz
  •       Green pumpkin and black
  •       Pack count: 4pk
  •       Availability: August 1
  •       MSRP: $5.99


We expanded our popular Tour Toad Buzz with a new Skipping Version. It features a slightly heavier wire than the original and the lead is hidden inside of the toad. The result is a super compact frame that’s easy to skip under docks and into tight places that other buzzbaits simply can’t go.
•            Sizes: 3/8 oz
•            Four colors
•            Pack count: 1 rigged with toad
•            Availability: August 1
•            MSRP: $6.99

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