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NEW SonicThumper Spin Baits From Panther Martin

Port Jefferson, NY – Going into their 66th year, Panther Martin® continues to produce and offer sought after lures. For the 2024 fishing season, expect to see 74 new fish catching winners from the company that’s been making “The Greatest Fish Catcher of All Time” for generations of anglers.

One new series that will be sure to have bass anglers clamoring is the SonicThumper™. This spin bait touts two of Panther Martins® signature convex/concave blades. One smaller blade and a larger blade floating behind both whiz through the water sending off sonic vibrations. The vibrations are complimented with a bubbling effect that’s created by a small hole in the larger blade. This not only adds to the sonic action of the swirling blades, it creates the illusion that there is a struggling fish in the water – a prime snack for a hungry fish!

SonicThumpers™ have vibrantly colored, hand tied silicone dressings that float in the water behind a traditional minnow head on a wire shaft. The dressings mimic injured prey and slow retrieval allowing the lure to stay in front of the fish longer. The tails also create more fluttering and flashing action, and they mimic the fins and tails of real prey triggering more strikes. The vibrant colors along with the polished brass or nickel plated blades also play with the light that bounces off them to catch a fish’s attention. These attributes combined with the sonic vibrations sent out by the double blades will send fish into a frenzy!

Available in 2 sizes (6 & 9) and 4 delectable colors (Blue Black, Fire Tiger, White Chartreuse and White). SonicThumpers™ can be seen at ICAST 2023. Visit Panther Martin® in booth 2802 to see them all! Contact for dealer information.

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