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New Surf Fishing Podcast Premieres With The New Year

Officially launched on January 1, 2024, the surfcast podcast is your weekly source for surf fishing discussions, tactics, interviews, news, and more. Whether you’re a newbie just dipping your toes in the surf, a seasoned sharpie with saltwater running through your veins, or your casts land somewhere in-between, the surfcast podcast is for you.

The surfcast podcast is hosted by Jerry Audet and Toby Lapinski, two of the most dedicated and obsessed surf fishermen you’ll ever meet. They have nearly 80 years combined experience fishing the surf and take great pleasure in sharing with fellow anglers the adventures, stories, and knowledge amassed on their journey.

The first four episodes of the surfcast podcast include a sampling of what listeners can expect from the show and its format going forward. At least one episode each month will feature an interview with a key individual in the surf fishing community and will be slightly longer form. The remaining weekly episodes will have a more casual, fireside chat type feel as Jerry and Toby riff on a given subject. Expect the discussion to run the gamut of topics as they relate to surf fishing including ethics, how-to, travel, history, weather, gear, tactics, techniques, and more. If a subject has anything to do with surf fishing, then it’s fair game!

  • Episode 1 tackles the age-old topic of fishing’s “last cast.” What is the last cast as it pertains to fishing? When is the last cast, really the last cast? Is there something mythical, other-worldly, or superstitious about the last cast phenomenon? Is it even really a thing? Jerry and Toby dive deep into the mystery and lore of making just one more cast.
  • Episode 2 addresses the phenomenon of fire, or bioluminescence, in the water. If you’ve been surf fishing for more than a season, you’ve probably run into water that lights up for no reason at all – and it’s not jellyfish or some other weird creature flashing. The water itself appears to glow! This is called bioluminescence – and fisherman, for the most part, really hate it. Jerry and Toby are no different in this regard, and discuss the problem with fire in the water, and how they (at least try) to deal with it.
  • Episode 3 is the first installment in an ongoing series spotlighting the highs and lows of the moon cycles of the season, and in this episode Jerry and Toby discuss their findings from the 2023 September new moon as it applied to the striper surf. Did it live up to the hype and expectations? Did the duo experience any curveballs or unexpected catches? Listen to find out!
  • Episode 4 is an interview session as Toby and Jerry welcome one of the most beloved surf fishermen along the East Coast, Shell E. Caris, who has been fishing the surf for nearly 70 years. In this special episode, Shell talks about catching striped bass when they are feeding on bunker (Atlantic menhaden, pogies, etc.) From metal lips to pencil poppers to soft plastics and more, he divulges some of the tips, tricks, and techniques he has learned that have produced striped bass as heavy as 55-plus pounds for him and his clients.

A new episode of the surfcast podcast will premiere every Monday with episodes available on YouTube and all your favorite streaming services. Visit for more information.

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