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Northland Rumble Monster–the Monster Magnet

BEMIDJI, Minn. (April 26, 2021) – When fishing the meanest fish that swim in freshwater—we’re talking muskies and mega pike—you need the right gear. That includes the right rod and reel and the right presentation. What do massive muskies and pike like to eat? Big baits—topwaters, rubber creations, bucktails and crankbaits. Speaking of the latter, here’s your brand-new choice for crankbaits that tempt the biggest of fish with its unique shad/panfish profile…

The Bagley-inspired and Jarmo Rapala redesigned Rumble Monster is just the bait for big toothy critters. It features a durable body, two-piece locking lip technology, heavy wire black nickel Mustad hooks, and a weighted tie-eye to start diving quickly. Once diving, the bait features a tight action that drives big fish wild!

Rumble Monster

If you’re fishing for the biggest predators, you’ll definitely want Northland’s Rumble Monster in your arsenal. The vulnerable hand-tuned action is just the feast they’re looking for. Troll at varied speeds to vary swim depths from 10 to 12 feet with sudden turns to fire strikes from following predators. Or troll at a steady 3-4 miles per hour and move parallel along drop-offs, using sonar to stay above hanging fish. For casting, look for weedlines or shorelines with small, timbered bays.

The Monster features an extremely durable body and super-strong poly-carbonate swimming lip that is uniquely locked into the lure’s body and equipped with heavy-duty hooks and split rings. This bait is truly ready to do battle with the biggest beasts that swim below.

Northland Rumble Monster Features:

  • Extremely Durable Body
  • Locking Lip Technology
  • Battle-Ready Heavy-Duty Hooks and Split Rings
  • Size- 5″, 1 1/4oz, #3/0 hook
  • Depth: 10-12ft

Northland pro and Bass Elite Champion Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson can often be found chasing northern beasts on his days off when near his home of Keewatin, Ontario. “Here on Lake of the Woods, we have countless opportunities for trophy muskies and pike and the Rumble Monster is just the right bait to tempt them. Whether I’m covering ground trolling or casting rock piles and bays, the Rumble Monster simply works. I’d recommend any angler across the country chasing big predator fish to give it a shot—they won’t be disappointed,” remarks Gustafson.

You’re going to want to up your game with Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Rumble Monster…it’s designed for hookups with the biggest and baddest fish that swim.

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