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Northland Tungsten Gill-Getter Ices Fish Fast

BEMIDJI, Minn.  – Northland Fishing Tackle’s NEW Tungsten Gill-Getter Jig just may be the next heavyweight champion when it’s time to go toe to toe in tough conditions with your favorite ice-fishing targets. A denser version of Northland’s ever popular Gill-Getter design, the new challenger effortlessly punches through slush and delivers a knockout blow to big bluegill, pumpkinseed, jumbo perch, walleye, trout, and other hardwater contenders on the prowl below.


With a sleek, compact Flat-Belly™ body that slides effortlessly through the water, the Tungsten Gill-Getter is impossible to resist. Exceptionally detailed for a Tungsten jig, it comes in both glow and natural body colors with lifelike bulging eyeballs, nostrils, and a mandible-style mouth, plus a 60-degree, premium, needle-sharp point perfectly positioned for quick, unencumbered hook sets. With nothing more than a slight twitch of the rod tip, the Tungsten Gill-Getter darts, jukes, and glides like terrified prey. Tipped with a Northland Impulse® plastic trailer, live crappie minnow, minnow head, or string of wax worms, it’s irresistible to even the largest and most cunning sluggers beneath the ice.







Tiger Beetle


Fruit Fly


“The Tungsten Gill-Getter’s unique body shape really helps it scoot and tumble with an enticing jigging action fish can’t resist,” says Northland pro-staffer and veteran multi-species fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “When you add bait to the hook at the back of the Gill-Getter, it acts like the tail of a kite helping the lure fly smoothly through the water. It’s highly visible on your sonar, has an amphibious insect/tadpole/young-of-the-year baitfish look and, with that 60-degree forward-tilt hook angle, attaches easily to the end of your line with a loop knot for maximum action and positive hook sets. Add in a super-sharp point that won’t explode your wax worms and you have the perfect hard water combination whether fishing competitively or simply trying to earn enough fillets for a tasty fish fry.”


Available in stores, or online at, the New Tungsten Gill-Getter is a super detailed winter bait that’s sure to answer the bell round after round under a variety of winter conditions ranging from ultra-clear to dark water and high-pressure ice-fishing situations. It comes in sizes 1/28-oz. (#12 hook) and 1/16-oz. (#10 hook), and eight proven fish-catching colors including Glo Red, Glo Chartreuse, Gold, Glo White, Fruit Fly, Tiger Beetle, Woodtick and Ladybug.




Northland Tungsten Gill-Getters are packed two per card ($6.99) or as a six-jig assorted-color pack ($17.99). Pick some up today to pound out a better catch tomorrow.



Glo White




Glo Chartreuse


Glo Red


Northland Tungsten Gill-Getter Features:

• Fast-sinking slush-busting Tungsten body darts, jukes, and tumbles on descent.
• Flat-Belly™ profile for gliding action between rod twitches.
• Highly detailed with lifelike bulging eyeballs, nostrils, and mandible-style mouth.
• Premium needle point hook with 60-degree tie angle for maximum action and solid hook sets.
• Highly reflective on sonar devices.
• Eight slab-approved glow and natural color bodies.
• 1/28- and 1/16-oz. sizes ensure exceptional versatility.
• Packaged 2/card or as 6-jig assorted color packs.
• Tip with Northland Impulse® plastics or small live baits for best results.

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