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Northland’s Nick Lindner Demonstrates How to Master Jig Drop Speed

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Not often is the whole of fish caught evenly distributed amongst the boat. Typically, someone has the edge. Secret color? Maybe. Pure luck? Unlikely. Modifying presentations to the fondness of the fish? That’s the one.

Nowhere is this premise more evident than jig fishing for walleyes, where modifications matter, the fish making the ultimate decision. Jigging technique is a major factor. There’s snapping, hopping, dragging, and on and on. Generally, the more active the fish, the more aggressive the method.

Another significant consideration is drop speed: the rate at which the jig reaches the bottom on a freefall. In this episode, Northland’s Nick Lindner compares the drop speeds of various jig styles. As well, he demonstrates how you can influence drop speed supplementing with Northland’s IMPULSE® soft bodies.

Northland Impulse

If IMPULSE soft bodies aren’t on your radar, put them on the screen. Their exceptionally soft composition yields fluid, lifelike locomotion, as you’ll see in the video. Moreover, IMPULSE bodies dramatically slow a jig’s drop speed, as well as keep the total presentation upright on the bottom for greater visibility and ease of inhaling.

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