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Oregon State Legislature Introduces Bill to Restore Boating Access

The Oregon State Legislature introduced this month Senate Bill 1071 (SB 1071), which will restore boating access in the Newberg Pool, a long stretch of the Willamette River outside metropolitan Portland. SB 1071 raises the allowable weight limit for boats used for towing on the Newberg Pool, allowing more families and individuals to access water sports and outdoor recreation activities in their community. In addition to expanded access, the proposed legislation aims to alleviate congestion around narrow stretches of the river as well as homes and docks in the area.

Recreational boating provides significant social and economic benefits to the Newberg Pool community. In Oregon, recreational boating, and water sports have a $1.6 billion economic impact, supporting nearly 6,000 jobs and more than 400 local businesses, including marinas, dealers, mechanics, restaurants, convenience stores, and more. Additionally, powerboating is among Oregon’s top ten outdoor recreational activities. Oregonians spend more than 6.8 million activity days per year on the water cruising and participating in watersports.

Backed by strong bipartisan support from Sen. Mark Meek (D), Sen. David Brock Smith (R), Rep. Ricki Ruiz (D) and Rep. Lucetta Elmer (R), this legislation is a crucial step in the right direction to restore reasonable public access to the Newberg Pool – supporting local families and small business. Learn more about the bill here.

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