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OSCF Partners With Rather Outdoors And South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources On New “Connecting With Conservation” Episode

Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) has partnered with Rather Outdoors and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) for a new episode of “Connecting with Conservation.” This video series was developed to thank America’s 60+ million active HATS (Hunters, Anglers, Trappers and Shooters) for being primary funders of land, fish and wildlife conservation in the U.S.

The latest video showcases a visit to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as well as a visit to Rather Outdoors headquarters in Columbia, S.C., to share how the purchase of  fishing licenses, and fishing equipment can help improve the outdoors such as fish habitat, boat ramps and more. 

“It is great to see all the hard work that the folks at SC DNR are doing and all the pride the folks at Rather Outdoors have in supporting conservation funding,” said Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation’s Executive Director Jim Curcuruto. “Without HATS out there buying fishing licenses and products like rods, reels and lures, none of this would be possible so a big thank you goes to all HATS for being primary funders of fish and wildlife conservation.” 

In 1939 Congressman Frank Buck proposed a bill that imposed an excise tax on the sale of motorboat and small engine fuel, fishing tackle and tariffs on imported fishing equipment to support wildlife conservation. After battling for his bill to be used for the funding of wildlife conservation to preserve the country’s fisheries, Buck was victorious in 1950 thanks to efforts by Congressmen John Dingell and Edwin Johnson. The Dingell-Johnson Act, also known as the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Recreation Act, ensures that revenues generated from these excise taxes are allocated toward habitat acquisition and restoration, fish stocking, research and surveys. 

“There are three key components to maintaining our fisheries: the resource agencies like SC DNR, that are responsible for monitoring and providing access to the resource, the manufacturers like Rather Outdoors, who financially support agencies, and most importantly are the anglers who are purchasing the products and fishing licenses,” said Ross Self, SCDNR Chief of Freshwater Fisheries. “The sale of fishing licenses is so key to our ability to manage fishery resources. We’d like to take an opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all the anglers in our state.” 

“I’ve fished for as long as I can remember, and I never knew until I got into this industry that a portion of all of the fishing tackle we purchase as fishermen helps fund conservation,” said Kelly Long, vice president of communications for Rather Outdoors. “We are so proud to be a part of conservation, and on behalf of Rather Outdoors I want to thank the HATS for fishing and for being a primary funder of conservation.” 

To learn more about OSCF, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Rather Outdoors, watch this video:   

This ‘Connecting with Conservation’ video was produced with the support of The Murray Road Agency. Funding for this project is provided by the Multistate Conservation Grant Program (F23AP003940), a program supported with funds from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program and jointly managed by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

About OSCF 

Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works with all facets of the outdoor industry to improve cultural acceptance of hunting, fishing, trapping and target shooting. We use research-based communications and engagement programs that help recruit the next generation of HATS (Hunters, Anglers, 
Trappers and Shooters) and promote the fact that HATS are primary funders and stewards of conservation in America. To learn more about OSCF programs; “Fill A Bag While Filling Your Tag”, “Come With!”, “Connecting with Conservation” and the “Outdoor Industry Communication Council”, please visit  or contact Jim Curcuruto 
at (203) 450-7202,

About SCDNR 

The agency as organized on July 1, 1994, under the S.C. Restructuring Act is composed of the former Wildlife and Marine Resources Department, Water Resources Commission (non-regulatory programs), Land Resources Commission (non-regulatory programs), State Geological Survey (State Geologist), and S.C. Migratory Waterfowl Committee. These have been combined into the present division structure. The Department has developed a vision for the future to guide the agency in its mission and provide the public with a clear understanding of its plan to preserve South Carolina’s natural wealth. 

About Rather Outdoors 

Rather Outdoors is a global outdoors corporation uniting some of the most recognizable brands in the fishing space. With historic and iconic brands such as Lew’s, Strike King, Quantum, Zebco, Fox, Matrix, Salmo, and Fox Rage, Rather Outdoors provides a wide assortment of fishing products worldwide in an effort to enhance angler’s success and the enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. To learn more about the Rather Outdoors brands, visit

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