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Outfit Dad for Success this Father’s Day

Does your Dad love to fish? Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift that he’ll truly appreciate – one that he’ll use on every trip? You’re in luck, because we have some terrific suggestions that will make Dad’s time on the water more enjoyable and successful, and will definitely put a smile on his face.

Give Dad the Ultimate Topwater Lure

fathers day fishing gift shimano world pop

Nothing will get Dad’s heart pumping like an aggressive topwater strike from a hungry bass – and no other lure will turn wary lookers into biters like the Shimano World Pop FB. This multi-purpose popper is the first topwater lure to incorporate Shimano’s FLASH BOOST system: An innovative and proprietary technology that suspends a highly reflective foil on micro springs within the lure body to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even as the lure sits motionless. So, when Dad pauses the World Pop, it keeps shimmering just like a live minnow – which bass find irresistible. Designed with a cupped face to create a commotion on the surface and draw aggressive strikes, the Shimano World Pop FB can be presented with a walk-the-dog action or large pops and deep chugs, and puts trophy bass in the boat, Available in ten colors, each World Pop 69F FB is 2 ¾ inches long, weighs 3/8 ounce, and has an MSRP of $19.99.

Protect Dad’s Eyes and Help Him See More Fish

Dad should be wearing polarized sunglasses on every trip. In addition to protecting his eyes from flying objects – including lures, bugs, and rain – quality sunglass provide essential protection from damaging UV rays. Polarized lenses also cut through glare on the water’s surface, so Dad can peer into the depths and see structure, bait, and fish. The Ocean Waves Greenhorn Frame paired with Luminator Royal Purple lenses give Dad’s eyes the protection they need and provide him with all the angling advantages he deserves. The Ocean Waves Greenhorn is a lightweight, versatile frame constructed from high durability TR-90 with stainless steel temple screws. It features enough wrap to ensure maximum coverage and protection from UVA/UVB rays. Paired with the Luminator Low-Light lens, the Greenhorn provides potent early-morning and late-evening advantages for those who start fishing early and stay out late. Each Greenhorn from Ocean Waves has an MSRP of $259.

Make Dad’s Time at the Cleaning Table Quick and Easy

fathers day fishing gift smiths lawaia electric fillet knife

There’s no better way to celebrate a successful fishing trip with Dad than a delicious meal of fresh fish. Sometimes, time spent at the cleaning table is viewed as a chore – but it doesn’t need to be this way. With help from Smith’s Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife, Dad can experience the perfect blend of power and precision as the day’s fresh catch is transformed into terrific table fare. The Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife makes quick work of a mess of crappie, a stringer of walleye, a cooler full of speckled sea trout and much more. Dad will appreciate the removable, interchangeable stainless steel blades, including a 7″ blade with an extra sharp curved design and a 7″ flex blade for fine-detailed work. Durable ventilated sheaths for each blade promote safe handling and storage. Smith’s extra-large fillet glove protects Dad’s hands from the blade while in use, as well as sharp teeth, gill plates, spines and more. Every component of Smith’s versatile fish-cleaning system fits perfectly within the included marine-grade mesh storage bag, perfect for the boat and the cleaning table. Smith’s Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife has an MSRP of $68.99.

Give Dad’s Electronics the Mounts They Deserve

The fish finders on Dad’s boat make the difference between a good day on the water, and one of epic proportions. Those sonar and GPS units represent big investments that need to be positioned properly so Dad can see them while he fishes, and mounted firmly to the boat so that don’t bounce around and break in big wind and waves, or while driving from home to the ramp. Trophy Graph Systems electronics mounts from Rose Metal Products offer the perfect solution for mounting all of Dad’s graphs. Each offers a sturdy one-piece design machined from ¼” aluminum for worry-free use, and features a high-quality, lightweight, UV-protective powder coating for long life. Choose the RMP Pedestal Mount to rig a single fish finder at virtually any location in Dad’s boat – especially from recessed flooring. The Pedestal Mount, which has an MSRP of $129.95, stands 13 ¾-inch tall, has universal mounting holes for up to 12-inch graphs, and wire/velcro slots to keep the wiring harness tucked neatly out of the way. If Dad spends his time fishing from the bow with a pair of fish finders, select one of the RMP Dual Graph Mounts, which straddle a trolling motor foot pedal and position the graphs perfectly for Dad to see. Two models are available – the RMP Low Dual Graph Mount which is perfect for recessed foot pedals, and the RMP Tall Dual Graph Mount which provides the clearance needed if the foot pedal sits on the deck. Each RMP Dual Graph Mount has an MSRP of $249.95.

Help Dad Control His Boat

fathers day fishing gift pro controll revolution trolling motor

Does Dad like to explore smaller, out-of-the-way waters in his Jon or utility boat, searching out trophies that other anglers can’t reach? If so, then a Revolution Trolling Motor from Pro Controll is exactly what he needs. Revolution Trolling Motors from Pro Controll are uniquely engineered to move from the stern to the bow – and back again – as often as needed, without asking Dad to also move a heavy battery. They feature a unique mounting bracket that securely attaches to the gunwales of most smaller boats at nearly any position, making it easy to move the motor to wherever it’s needed. The control head of Revolution Trolling Motors easily rotates by 180 degrees, allowing the tiller handle to be opposite the propeller to power the boat from the transom, or to be aligned over the propeller to facilitate precise positioning and intricate boat movements while fishing from the bow. A trolling motor that quickly and easily moves between the bow and the stern never existed – so Pro Controll invented it – giving Dad the freedom to fish how he wants at a price that won’t break the bank. With MSRP’s of $329.95 to $369.95, 12-volt Revolution Trolling Motors from Pro Controll have 48” shafts, available tilting tiller handles, three thrust ratings (32, 40, and 50-pounds), and 2-year limited warranties.

Try Blackened Fish for Father’s Day dinner

If you and Dad haven’t tried blackened fish yet, you’re missing out. Cajun-style blackening is a simple technique that leverages searing heat and authoritative spices to elicit an exquisite blend of flavor and texture from an incredible array of fresh and saltwater fish. Preparing fillets to blacken is easy: drizzle them with olive oil or grapeseed oil, and generously coat one side of each fillet with your favorite blend of spices; K-Fred Kajun Seasoning is a great choice. Then, get the pan or griddle ready. The most important aspect of blackening fish is heat – that pan needs to be HOT to sear the outside of the fillets without drying out the interior. The RMP MOwok Collapsible Grill makes this process quick and easy. The extremely portable MOwok sets up in mere seconds and features a 10,000 BTU burner powered by a convenient, portable 1-pound propane cylinder. The MOwok’s steel disc pan is shaped like a wok and really soaks up the burner’s heat – perfect for frying up a thick steak or blackening the catch-of-the-day. Bring the pan up to temperature and then add the fillets, seasoned-side down, starting in the middle of the pan and working your way out. While they cook, generously season the sides that are facing up. Blacken the first side for 4 or 5 minutes, depending on the fillet’s thickness, and then flip to blacken the other side, which will heat for a similar length of time as the first. Enjoy your blackened fish hot from the pan, complemented by crisp coleslaw, a salad of fresh Roma tomatoes, thick-sliced cucumbers and sliced red onions in a sweet vinaigrette dressing, and fresh bakery rolls with plenty of butter: the perfect meal for Dad on Father’s Day – or any day.

Happy Father’s Day to every Dad. We hope you all get to enjoy a terrific fishing trip this weekend!

Dr. Jason Halfen is a long-time guide, tournament angler, and specialist in marine electronics who owns and operates The Technological Angler, which teaches anglers to leverage modern technology to find and catch more fish. Learn more by visiting The Technological Angler on Facebook or @technoangler on Instagram.

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